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My paperwork decluttering week for better home organisation.

I am not a minimalist but it is on my bucket list, although I am changing my ways and certain elements of minimalism are slowly creeping in to my life.  Although I have been decluttering for about 18 months, I have taken my eye of the ball the last four weeks and it is showing in my home, particularly in the paperwork department.  So it is Friday and today is ‘Paperwork Elimination’ day!

Today I plan to gather paperwork from all over the house, I have spotted it everywhere; my kitchen junk corner, yes, I have one of those, well it keeps the kitchen table clear (sort of).  I have papers in every drawer I open (except the cutlery drawer), even my knicker drawer has papers in (don’t ask).  My hall cupboard is just pure ‘paper porn’, I am hanging my head in shame as I type.  I have handbags with ‘papers’ in, some of these are just post-it notes to my self, saying things like ‘declutter hall cupboard’.  I can’t believe I create clutter with decluttering ‘To Do’ notes.  I can hear Marie Kondo ‘tutting’ at me right now ….. “I am sorry Marie, I will change, I promise, really I will, cross my heart and hope to …….. declutter!”

So, where have I gone wrong in my decluttering journey?  After careful consideration, I realise I have been concentrating on decluttering wardrobes; clothes, shoes and handbags the past few months.  Although, I have been scanning older paperwork, I have not kept on top of stuff being created; my incessant note writing, incoming mail etc.  I am of the belief that decluttering is not a ‘one off’, although that method does help initially.

I believe, decluttering is an ongoing process, you have to keep at it and not just focus on one category, like I have.  I have decided to have ‘themed’ weeks, yes I will be having a blitz of paperwork  for the next 7 days, I will spend at least 5-10 minutes a day focusing on well ……. paperwork, or at least clear a drawer a day or a small area, I will schedule this in to my planner.

I strongly associate having a declutter free organised home, very closely to my wellbeing.  You know the feeling when you wake up one day and you haven’t cleared up from the night before, dishes may still be on the drain board or god forbid, in the sink.  I can guarantee if I see a ‘messy’ kitchen when I wake up, it will makes me feel kind of crap.  But, when I wake up or come home to a tidy, clean house, that makes me feel really good, I feel proud, productive and relaxed, like now I can do what I want to do and not spend time tidying or cleaning.

If your home is a ‘mess’ like mine, even if the ‘mess’ is hidden in drawers, cupboards or handbags, start decluttering, even if it’s just one drawer or a handbag, do it, go on …………… now, doesn’t that make you feel good? like you have achieved something today, have been productive, have fed your sense of well-being, like an ‘organisation goddess’, okay ……. maybe I’ve gone too far!  But, I know it makes me feel super bloody organised and a ‘goddess’ in my eyes anyway.   You go little goddess, go achieve decluttering greatness, you divine little thing you!

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