There is absolutely nothing wrong with being single at any age, in fact it is a time for self-discovery, and to relentlessly follow your dreams.  There is such a thing as being happily single, yes of course I would like someone special in my life, the emphasis being on special.  I don’t just want a man in my life for the sake of it, that would not be good at all.  I want someone who ‘gets’ me and my weird little ways, someone who is not in competition with me but part of a team, the team of ‘us’.

I think we all assume everyone in a relationship is happy most of the time, this is not true, some people will put up with all sorts of crap, just because they fear being single, it scares them more than losing their self-respect.  The best thing I love about being single is I can please myself, I can stay in bed late, go to bed late, binge eat crisp or chocolate, talk to myself, watch girlie films without the ‘what’s this crap your watching’ remark.

Yes, there are times in your life, really difficult times when you just wish someone was there to just hold you, not say a word, but just hold you in a way that says it all.  Because when you are truly loved, words don’t matter, actions do, and if that man knows you are hurting, he will hold you because he will want to protect you from hurt or at least give you comfort when you need it most.

When you are single, just concentrate on you, yes you, don’t seek out a relationship, do the things you want to do, find your purpose in life.  When you do what makes you truly happy, and trust me it won’t be a person, it will be you that makes you happy, no-one else, then you will be a magnet for attracting the right man!

Posted by:Jane