Why You Should Ignore Other People’s Opinions!

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Why should you ignore other people’s opinions?  Because all that matters in your life, is your opinion of yourself, you may or may not take other’s advice, but when it comes to you, trust your own instincts.   This is sometimes easier said than done, for example when someone says something negative to you, this can easily bring down your mood.  What you need to remember, is that people have their own agendas that form their own opinions, it is just their opinion, it is NOT fact.  If you remember that, you will not go far wrong.

Other people’s opinions are often wrong when it comes to you, you know yourself better than anyone, trust your own instincts, if you don’t, start getting to know yourself better through mindful meditation and journaling, these are two practices that over time will teach you more about yourself than you ever knew possible.  People get it wrong all the time, many successful people were ‘wrote off’ and rejected by people who gave them the wrong opinion, even doctors have got it wrong, we have all heard of people who were given a terminal diagnosis and told they only have weeks or months to live,  ten years on their still going strong.

Other people don’t view life the way you do, because they have not had your experiences, your insights, their journey is different, therefore how can they possibly know better than you, they don’t.  You know the answers, whether you believe that or not, all the answers to every question you have are inside you.

The reason you do need to practice self-awareness techniques, is because even you can get it wrong about yourself, self reflection and meditation can help you see the truth, not some distorted version of you that are based on negative thoughts.

If you buy into their compliments, you buy into their criticisms, you know you better than anyone else does, listen to yourself, don’t big yourself up, don’t put yourself down, congratulate / celebrate your achievements no matter how small!


Recommended U.K. Online Petitions for Animals and the Environment!

These are just some of the online petitions I have signed today for the animals and the environment.  Take a minute to have a browse and sign those you agree with.  Hurry though, these will expire at some point!

The U.K. government responds to all petitions that get more than 10,000 signatures.

Parliament considers all petitions that get more than 100,000 signatures for a debate.

Some may think armchair activism is useless, but change often starts with discussions, people need to let government know what they want and this is one way of doing it.

If you don’t live in the U.K. find out if your country has a similar website.

Ban the use of all non-recyclable and unsustainable food packaging


Recognise animal sentience & require that animal welfare has full regard in law


End the Cage Age: ban cages for all farmed animals.


Grant legal protection to Swallow, Swift and Martin nest sites not just nests.


Make grey squirrel rescue exempt from Invasive Alien Species Order 2019


Restore nature on a massive scale to help stop climate breakdown


Make foxes a protected species


Amend the 1967 Forestry Act to protect endangered wildlife habitat across the UK


Ban animal glue traps


Make it law to scan microchips routinely on current & new patients at the vets.


Ban the appalling conditions battery and barn hens are currently kept in.

Move the target deadlines of the 2008 Climate Change Act from 2050 to 2035

What’s it really like to be Vegan!

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So, what is it really like to be Vegan? this blog post is from my personal point of view and bare in mind I have only been Vegan since November 2018.

The weeks leading up to going Vegan felt like I was opening my eyes for the first time, seeing the true horrors of how we enslave, torture and kill animals for food, entertainment, fashion and other products.  Feeling that I had been lied to all my life by schools, parents, health professionals, corporations and governments.  Some of these did not realise they were passing down lies to the next generation because they too had been conditioned or brainwashed, just like we all have.  Eating animals is so entrenched in societies now that people think of vegans as ‘extreme’ or ‘weird’.

For the first 8 weeks or so, once I had made the connection, I cried, I felt (and still do) tormented, angry, uncomfortable, frustrated and isolated in my vegan world.  I am ashamed to be human because we cause so much devastation to animals, the planet and other people.  Each day is different, one emotion will dominate on certain days than others.  I feel I have to watch what I say because I seem to upset people and I am often shocked and surprised at some people’s reactions, mainly defensive, they feel attacked, even though I am just talking of my experiences or saying how I feel, I don’t tell anyone they should stop eating animals.  However, maybe I go to far, maybe people’s defences go up, I will give you an example, I said ‘pigs are beautiful’ as I now believe all animals are, I said they are childlike, innocent and like puppy dogs.  I got laughed at and told ‘pigs are disgusting’, I responded ‘so disgusting that you eat them’, oh dear I touched a nerve, I was told I have gone ‘weird’ since my dog died.  

Pigs are not dirty animals, yes they like to roll in mud but so do elephants, it keeps them cool, so why don’t we call elephants dirty? because we don’t have to lower their moral value to justify eating them.  We don’t eat animals we hold in regard, but despite their differences they all feel pain and suffering and for the first time in my life I am seeing all animals as having their own unique personalities.

I have been accused of verbally ‘attacking’ someone, nothing could have been further from the truth, from where I was standing I didn’t throw one insult but I received them.  Unfortunately this is common, I hear the word ‘rubbish’,  if I quote accepted scientific fact about the effects of animal agriculture on the planet for example.  I am often cut off mid sentence, I believe this is because people don’t want to hear the truth because they know their conscience will struggle.   This is quite key for me, I believe I went vegan because my mind was ‘completely’ open, not just a little open but completely open, this helped me see things for how they really are.  Strangely enough, I am seeing a lot of things for how they are, not just in relation to veganism.

There are times I feel quite alienated from people, I feel like I have nothing in common anymore with a lot of people, I am unable to relate and they don’t understand me because of my new view of the world, a view I would not change for anything.  I see it as a forward step, I no longer participate in knowingly harming animals, the planet or people in developing countries.  Whilst we all impact in some way on the planet, animals and other people, I am trying my best to minimise my impact.

I did meet up recently with a vegan friend for lunch and she really ‘got’ me, she understood everything I expressed, she has been vegan for a few years now and was vegetarian for 35 years before going vegan.  This was the first time, I felt I could express my feelings and she understood me completely, she had been through all I was experiencing now and this made me feel so much better, less alienated.

I view things very differently, for example a trip to the supermarket is now like a trip to a slaughterhouse, I know this sounds crazy but I am extremely uncomfortable walking past the meat aisles, I can’t even look at the meat on the shelves, I no longer see food products, I think of where it came from and the suffering associated with it.  It makes me feel sad and repulsed, it is a very strange feeling, why didn’t I see meat this way before?  I cannot believe the amount of meat and animal products that are in the supermarket, it is dominated by animal products, why have I not seen this before?  Why can’t other people see it? and how can I help them to see in a way that they will come to their own conclusion.

I am glad I am alive now, I would not want to be here in the future after we have destroyed the planet and maybe even each other.  Future generations will look back and say ‘why didn’t they do something? the warning signs were there and they selfishly chose to ignore it’.  Change doesn’t happen overnight, what we do now will impact on future generations, but, what if that impact happened in 12 months or 6 months time, would we change now? of course we would, but sadly that sense of urgency is not there.  Imagine if the selfish actions of past generations left us with a dismal world and future, we would be calling them for everything, but why aren’t we calling us and making changes now.  Because all humans seek acceptance and happiness and this capitalist world tells us ‘products’ make us happy, and purchasing these products which coincidently makes the minority rich, again we are being brainwashed, going through life with our mind and subsequently eyes shut, humanity is on the wrong path.

Ask yourself why the truths of animal abuse are covered up, it takes undercover activists to infiltrate to secretly film this abuse, why aren’t these documentaries shown on national television? you just won’t see it.  All I ask is that you question the way things are.

You need a strong social movement  to change the current situation because it is all to do with financial profits, not people’s health or the planet, in fact animal agriculture damages these.  It is wrong on every imaginable level, but it is profitable and as long as it is profitable it will continue. However, if the number of vegans continue to grow, it will become unprofitable, thats when real change will happen. Animals need us, they cannot fend for themselves, because humans don’t fight fair, I am more spiritual than religious, but if  judgement day ever comes, god help us!

The physical pain and torture these animals suffer is bad enough, but the psychological damage inflicted on these animals may be even worse.  Imagine a life where you are confined to a space where you cannot stretch, you can’t walk or run, don’t see natural daylight or feel the sun, imagine you live like this your whole life? then you are sent to slaughter.  Suffering is suffering, it doesn’t matter who it is happening to.  Life has enough suffering, but unnecessary suffering is indescribable.  If there is a hell, the worse I could imagine is being a laboratory animal, a cow, sheep, chicken, rabbit, or fox, it would be my worse nightmare to be born into a life of torture, slavery, abuse and then meet a violent end.

Remember, governments and corporations will try to demonise animal activists and vegans, just like they have historically others that wanted change for equality and justice. Nelson Mandela was once deemed a terrorist, he served 27 years in prison.  He fought against apartheid, as views changed over time, Mandela was no longer deemed a terrorist and went on to become the president of South Africa.  Just like Mandela, animal activists are not terrorists and just like South Africa, I believe the world will ‘wake up’ to the truth because once the truth is out there, it’s impossible to deny.  If you want to play your part in changing the world, start with seeking out the truth for yourself!



Humanity on the Wrong Path!

I have been struggling lately and overwhelmed as I realise that humanity is on the wrong path, big time!  The things we focus on are distracting us from tackling the real issues in this world; wars, hunger, poverty, animal and human abuse, climate change, disease, etc.

We focus on material wealth, social media, bitching, envy, we pander to corporations instead of facing the reality of the injustice and cruelty in this world.  We look down on refugees when all they want is their basic human rights; a life without conflict and war, a life where they have food and clean drinking water, a life where they have adequate shelter and warmth, a life where they can feel secure and safe.  Where is our compassion? for ourselves? for others?  Why are most of us not enraged at the injustices going on in this world.

The media and government are constantly putting distractions in our way, and we allow it.  In the UK, it is currently ‘Brexit’ dominating news topic, it is an absolute farce and has been from the start.  British citizens voted ‘blind’ in the referendum, those who voted to leave were told lies by political parties.  Lies such as the UK would save millions of pounds per week if we left the EU, money that would be spent on the NHS …. this was a lie!  Lies were told about immigration, that it would dramatically reduce, wrong, these were false promises because the details of leaving had not been negotiated, people voted for the unknown, the implications and consequences both short and long term were unknown then and they still are.  In my opinion the referendum should be unlawful, but unlike most people, politicians seem to sit outside of the law on matters such as the future of the country.

Try to see through these distractions, because that is what they are, these are man-made issues, difficulties created by us, the real cost of Brexit is unknown, but the British people will feel the consequences for a long long time to come whether good or bad.  Opt out of this madness by refusing to give it your attention, it is out of our (British Citizens) hands for now.  Let’s start focusing on bettering this world, starting with yourself by healing yourselves, meditation, self love, compassion for all, both human and non-human.

I feel incredibly sad right now because not only is the world we live in selfish and greedy, there are not enough people who even recognise this let alone want to change it.  People are suffering and dying unnecessarily and we do nothing apart from sympathise when we watch the news.  When that story disappears, because the media chooses to dominate it with political farces such as Brexit, we ignorantly forget about the horrendous hardships people in the world are facing.

The unnecessary suffering we inflict on animals via multiple mediums is abhorrent, we enslave, torture and slaughter them to eat them; we dump our rubbish in the oceans, causing suffering and death to many marine life, we kill marine animals by fishing and as a consequence kill many more through by-kill, drift nets, beautiful creatures of the ocean and we treat them vilely, with absolutely no appreciation of life.  If you can’t appreciate the lives of others, both human and non-human then you can’t appreciate your own life.  Most of us would not deliberately hurt any animal or fish, but we are happy for it to go on, if we close our eyes we do not see the suffering, but your sub-conscious knows the truth.

I dream of a beautiful world where we treat others with the same compassion we would treat those close to us, where we treat all animal life with the equal amount of compassion, life is beautiful, if we let it be!  Please take responsibility for the consequences of what you do in your life, what you eat, what you purchase, how you spend your time, how you treat all life.

Some of the things you can do to make a change:

  • Don’t eat, use or wear animals products
  • Avoid plastic
  • Only purchase cruelty friendly products, look for the ‘bunny’ logo
  • Stop being selfish
  • Opt out or minimise social media interactions, only comment or like something that is ethical, compassionate or you feel very strongly about, stop giving attention to dangerous idiots who promote selfishness, materialism and greed, instead give your attention to those who are trying to make changes for the better, especially that benefit others, the planet and all that inhabit the planet.
  • Take a moment to think about the suffering we inflict on others either directly, indirectly or through ignorance.
  • Make a vow to change.  today I will vow to start writing to corporations to make changes, corporations will only make changes if it affects their profits, if millions of letters are received by a company to stop animal testing, they will change.  We let corporations dictate to us, let’s turn the tables with our cash, so we dictate to them what we want.