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Why should you ignore other people’s opinions?  Because all that matters in your life, is your opinion of yourself, you may or may not take other’s advice, but when it comes to you, trust your own instincts.   This is sometimes easier said than done, for example when someone says something negative to you, this can easily bring down your mood.  What you need to remember, is that people have their own agendas that form their own opinions, it is just their opinion, it is NOT fact.  If you remember that, you will not go far wrong.

Other people’s opinions are often wrong when it comes to you, you know yourself better than anyone, trust your own instincts, if you don’t, start getting to know yourself better through mindful meditation and journaling, these are two practices that over time will teach you more about yourself than you ever knew possible.  People get it wrong all the time, many successful people were ‘wrote off’ and rejected by people who gave them the wrong opinion, even doctors have got it wrong, we have all heard of people who were given a terminal diagnosis and told they only have weeks or months to live,  ten years on their still going strong.

Other people don’t view life the way you do, because they have not had your experiences, your insights, their journey is different, therefore how can they possibly know better than you, they don’t.  You know the answers, whether you believe that or not, all the answers to every question you have are inside you.

The reason you do need to practice self-awareness techniques, is because even you can get it wrong about yourself, self reflection and meditation can help you see the truth, not some distorted version of you that are based on negative thoughts.

If you buy into their compliments, you buy into their criticisms, you know you better than anyone else does, listen to yourself, don’t big yourself up, don’t put yourself down, congratulate / celebrate your achievements no matter how small!

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