Exercise: No More Excuses!

One of my goals in life is to be fit and healthy, this goal has been taking up my headspace increasingly as I age, but ……………… it has just been in my head, I have rarely, except on occasion took any action.  In the past, I have joined the gym, took exercise classes, gone on walks, done exercises at home but never ever stuck with it, why? because I make constant excuses; ‘Oh it’s raining’, ‘I’m so tired’, ‘I haven’t got time’, ‘I am too fat’, ‘I am too unfit’ ‘I haven’t got appropriate clothing / footwear’, ‘I haven’t got a car to get to the gym’ the list goes on and on and on ………..

I use the ‘Law of Attraction’ Planner, to plan my life, day, tasks, ideas and I recently read back through my monthly priorities going back for some time and realised my common priority was to get fit and healthy through exercise and being more active, it was my priority but I never actually prioritised this goal.  I didn’t want to look back in five years or even ten years time and think ‘Oh my God, I knew my goal, I was aware it was a priority and I did absolutely nothing about it’.  So on Thursday 16th May, I decided, this was ridiculous, No More Excuses!  Guess what I woke up on Friday morning and made an excuse, I can’t even remember the excuse, but I guarantee it would have been a pathetic one!

Disappointed with myself that my first day, I did what I always do and made a lame excuse, I woke up Saturday and ignored the excuses I made and went on a 40 minute brisk walk, I was anxious, I was self-conscious but I did it anyway and yes I praised myself afterwards.  Despite, the blisters (new trainers, no socks) I did it, the next day my feet were cut and sore, whereas in the past this would have been a perfect excuse, I put plasters on my heels and headed out again for another 40 minute walk.  There was only 1 day I didn’t do my walk and I didn’t punish myself or tell myself, ‘that’s it, I just don’t stick with things’.  I persevered, after one week of doing this, I took it one step further.  I joined the gym!

I went with a friend, because if I go on my own, I will not push myself, my friend pushed me, in a safe and realistic way.  I have been everyday for the past five days, working different body parts each time.  I know the first few weeks of the gym is the hardest, there is pain involved, as your body parts hurt, but I am making no excuses, in fact the priority I have wrote in my planner each month, is now my actual priority in practice.

I know going daily is not sustainable for me, at some point I will go to the gym four times a week, preferably straight from work, so I still have my weekends.

I have lots of other ongoing goals I want to achieve, but to me being healthy should be your foundational goal, not only is it good for your body, it is good for your mental health, it gives you a sense of achievement, a feel good factor.  My exercise routine is not a short term thing, I do want to make this part of my life, a ‘Priority’.  I plan to give up smoking once the weight starts coming off, I have reduced smoking significantly since starting to exercise, I have also reduced my drinking quite dramatically, because I don’t want to undermine my hard work and would rather drink something healthy like a green smoothie.

Yesterday, I went out and purchased a waterproof jacket with hood, so I have no excuse when it’s raining, I purchased cushioned sports socks, so I have no excuse for blisters.  I also purchased some more leggings and tops, so I no longer have the excuse I don’t have the appropriate clothing.  I didn’t spend a fortune, I went to T.K. Maxx but it is enough to get me by for now.  I have no more excuses, none at all, I am sure there will be times I will come up with some, but I will choose to ignore them, I will get fit, I will be able to wear whatever I want, without trying to hide my lumps and bumps, I will feel good about myself.

Hopefully, the knock on effect of making exercise part of my life style will be to give up smoking, drink in moderation, eat super healthy, I do eat healthy, but want to introduce more vegetables).  I feel very motivated at the moment, something I have always lacked when faced with exercise, I am feeding that motivation because it feels good, I am embracing that feeling, but if one day my motivation is lacking, I am going to do it anyway, because my motto is ‘No More Excuses’!

One of the things I have learned about myself this year, is I spend way too much time planning but little time doing.  As an avid list writer and feeling that I never achieve half of what I want to, I now write extremely short lists, sometimes no list at all, because I already know what needs doing, I just need to get on and do them.  I am taking action and it feels good.



The Reasons Behind Fake Vegans!


There are two type of vegans; true vegans and fake vegans.  The true vegan is vegan for ethical reasons, to save the animals, they don’t need motivation because saving lives is all the drive they need and they DO save lives.   The fake vegans, or the ‘Fakan’ has other motives, they may talk about the animals, but they are just trying to behave like a true vegan so people ‘buy’ in to their facade.  Their motives are varied and differ, some will have multiple motivations; however,  fame, vanity, money, and the trend follower!

They miss the whole point of veganism and the reason they chose to be vegan was not for ethical reasons, which I believe should be the primary reason, the outstanding health benefits are a bonus.   Once you awaken to the truth of animal abuse, slavery and slaughter, you don’t want to be a part of it, and so strong is the repulsion you feel towards the appalling treatment of animals, you know you can never ever be a part of it again, because when you go to the shop to buy milk or pick up a piece of steak at the supermarket or have a cheeseburger at McDonalds, you are part of the abuse.

My interest in veganism did start for health reasons, as I learned about a whole food plant based diet, but the day I chose veganism was the day I woke up to the reality of animal abuse, torture and murder within the food / drink, beauty, medical and fashion industries.

I call it an awakening because once you are exposed to the truth something clicks in your mind, like a blind person with restored sight you will view everything and I mean everything differently including animals and people.  You will then realise many of the horrors in this world are man-made.  Conflicts, wars, human and animal abuse take up so much time, money and headspace that we are wasting our time living in fear, watching news stories of pointless wars and violence when we could be helping those in real need such as those suffering because of natural occurrences such as earthquakes, droughts, famines, diseases and tsunamis throughout the world.

The media vegans who have fallen off the vegan wagon, were never on the wagon to begin with, look at some of their you tube videos; they follow trends, they try the latest craze like water fasting, they are not about ethics they are about popularity and money.  They are vein, superficial and down right fakes.  Some of these so called ‘vegans’ have been exposed, Rawvana, a popular YouTuber with over 400k followers was caught on camera eating fish, she off course then posted a video explaining why she is no longer vegan.

Numerous others have made videos to explain ‘why I’m no longer vegan’, some give health reasons, but none of the reasons are directly associated with a vegan diet, they just use it as an excuse because they weren’t doing it for the animals, you can’t go from the realisation of animal slavery, torture, abuse and murder, then think its okay, because when you see the truth, only someone either not switched on or wicked would think it was acceptable.