I recently wrote a post ‘My Life Lessons of 2018/19’ following a review of the previous 12 months.  The reason it is 2018/19, is because my year runs from July to July, this fits in with when I started my Law of Attraction Deluxe Planner and hey, it works for me!

In my previous post I did promise to do a post on my goals for 2019/20, most of which link to my life goals to some degree.  So here goes, my 39 Life goals including my goals for the next 12 months, some of these as you will see are medium or long-term goals, so I won’t be focusing on those this year, I am trying to be realistic, so I can achieve more immediate goals.  I have my ‘Life Goals’, My 2019/20 Goals and the habits I need to form to take me closer to each goal.

No. Life Goal 2019/20 Goal Habits to Reach Goal
1 Volunteer Holidays overseas with Animal Rescue Medium-term goal (2-3 year) N/A
2 Have a fit, healthy, toned body
  • Master and practice yoga
  • Go gym 4 times week
  • Daily walks and long weekend walks
  • Core exercises at home
  • Learn 1 yoga pose a  week
  • Do 1 yoga pose daily
  • Attend weekly Yoga classes
3 Be my healthiest self
  • Meal Planning
  • Meal Prepping
  • Healthy snacks
  • No eating after 7.00pm
4 Write a book
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Write book plan
  • Research
  • Write 5 chapters


  • 2 x Brainstorming sessions (2 hours)
  • Work on plan (1 hour a week minimum) for 1 month
  • Research for 1 month (1 hour week minimum)
  • Write one chapter within 8 week timescale
  • Schedule above in planner


5 Own a beautiful home, near the beach Long-term goal (10 years)
6 Happily Married Medium-term goal (5 years)
7 Mortgage Free Deferred until I am out of personal debt, review 2020/21
8 £500,000 in savings Long-term goal (15 years)
9 A Home Gym Long-term goal (10 years)
10 Be a bone marrow donor Research further (5 years)
11 Travel Long-term goal (5-10 years)
12 Successful online business Medium-term (5 Years)
13 At least 3 passive income sources
  • Brainstorm
  • Explore online selling
  • Write a development plan
Schedule following in planner:

  • Spend 1 hour a week for 1 month brainstorming.  Find and read book relating to passive incomes
  • Spend 1 hour week for 3 months researching
  • Spend 1 hour week for 3 months writing plan on how I am going to get there
14 Improve my vegan cooking skills
  • Collate vegan recipes
  • Try 1 new recipe a month
15 Hold local classes for wellbeing Long-term goal (5-10 Years)
16 Life-long learning
  • Read 1 book a month
  • Write list of books to read
  • Schedule 12 books in planner for 2019/20
  • Read what I already own but haven’t read
  • Read 15 minutes daily
  • Add to habit tracker
17 Develop a Website
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Write a Development Plan
  • Schedule 2 hours per month to work on this
18 Capsule wardrobe
  • Reduce spending on clothes
  • Simplify life


  • Research how to start a capsule wardrobe with limited budget
  • Only buy what I love
  • Give what don’t love to charity
19 Be a Life Coach Long-term Plan (5-10 year)
20 Minimalist Home
  • Continue to declutter
  • Stop buying new beauty products use what I already have first
  • Declutter 1 item daily
  • Add ‘declutter’ to daily habit tracker
21 Journal Daily
  • Incorporate into daily habits
  • Add to daily habit tracker
22 Volunteer with Orangutans in Borneo Medium-Long term goal (5-10 Years)
23 Learn Spanish language Medium-Long term goal (5 Year)
24 Gain a Reiki qualification
  • Research courses
  • Collate information
  • Write Plan


Schedule in Planner following:

  • 1 Hour per month to research for 3 months
  • 1 Hour per month for 3 months to collate information
  • 1 Hour per month for 3 months to write plan, including budget
  • Attend Reiki course
25 Gain an Animal Care qualification Medium term goal (5 Year)
26 Help people Medium-long term goal (5-10 Year)
27 Help animals Medium-long term goal (5-10 Year)
28 Be a good swimmer Medium term goal (3 Years)
29 Be Debt free
  • Reduce spending
  • Use money to reward small goals achieved and save to pay off debt
  • Increase income
  • Only buy essentials
  • Buy tin for rewards
30 Have at least 1 rescue dog Medium Term goal (5 Year)
31 Be more assertive
  • Practice saying no without guilt
  • Only agree to do things that align with my goals
  • Stop being so nice
  • Research this 1 hour a month for 4 months
  • Put learning into practice
32 Develop my blog
  • Increase number of followers
  • Do WordPress Tutorials
  • Write development plan
  • Write better quality articles
  • Write at least weekly blog (was previously monthly)
  • Use Blog Planner
  • Schedule Blogs
  • Review and reflect on blog for learning
  • Research tips to improve blog (monthly 1 hour)
33 Get up at 5.00am
  • Research what it takes to get up early
  • Apply what learn
  • Use extra hour to do daily habits and actions towards goals
34 Spend more time with people that make me feel good
  • Schedule weekly time in planner for socialising
  • Stick to schedule, no matter how busy I am
35 Have morning and evening routines
  • Draft ideal morning  / evening routines, then write routines that are practical for me at this time in my life
  • Read routines daily until they become habit
  • Schedule in planner with some on habit tracker if new routine
  • Get up at 5.00am to do morning routine
36 Do an Ideal Life Vision Board
  • Collate images that reflect my ideal life
Schedule following in planner:

  • Spend 1 hour a month for 3 months researching different formats of Vision Boards
  • Spend 1 hour a month for 4 months putting together Vision Board
37 Learn more about Law of Attraction
  • Get ‘The Secret’ book out of loft
  • Read ‘The Secret’
  • Draft plan on how to apply to my life
Schedule time in planner for following:

  • 30 minutes a week to learn about LOA
  • Read ‘The Secret’ in one month
  • Draft plan of practices
  • Put into practice LOA techniques
  • Practice visualisation techniques
38 Be fully Spiritually Awakened


  • Learn different aspects of spirituality
  • Learn to read Tarot Cards (Buy Cards and Beginners Book)
Schedule following in planner, daily / weekly or monthly

  • Daily meditation
  • Daily Journal
  • Shadow Work
  • Self-awareness practice
  • Read up on crystal healing, chakras, etc.
  • Learning Tarot
39 Be my best self


  • Practice Mindfulness
  • Practice self-compassion
Schedule following in planner:

  • Read ‘Mindful Path to Self-compassion’ book and do practices
  • Do list of different types / examples of mindfulness
  • Do list of types / examples of self-compassion and self-care
  • Daily mindful practices
  • Daily self-compassion practices


‘I can do this, I have nothing to fear’

Bad Habits to eliminate

  • Smoking
  • Wasting time
  • Procrastinating
  • Self-Doubt


New Habits (to help me get to my goals)

  • Be more productive (in other words stop wasting time)
  • Focus on actions that take me towards my goals
  • Small daily actions
  • Consider having themed weeks or months, to work solely on one goal, e.g. blog, website, book etc. (I would probably find this difficult to do, because I want to work on so many things, but may trial it and see how I progress)


Some of these are pretty ambitious for me, the £500,000 in savings goal for example, but I wanted to dream big and why not?

Although I haven’t really included my ‘Whys’ in this list, it is essential that you have your own ‘whys’, why do you want to achieve a particular goal.  Apparently, you don’t need self-discipline, having a strong ‘Why’ is all the motivation you need.

I have also added a section in my planner each week for any goal actions that I did not achieve, so I can either review or carry forward.  I try to schedule actions in my planner as much ahead of time as I can, for instance I plan to do Shadow Work, and first on my list of practices is to write ‘forgiveness’ letters, turns out I have a lot of people to forgive (including myself), so I have scheduled time in to write 2 a week.  I have already wrote 3 this week, so I am ahead of schedule.

If I am in a productive mood, I will look in my planner in future weeks and pick something out I feel like doing, make use of those times when you are feeling productive, having specific things written in a planner, makes life a lot easier, you don’t have to decide what to do, you already know what you need to do because it is written down.

Bare in mind, your goals can change as the year progresses and that’s okay, just make sure they are ‘your’ goals and not a goal you are doing to please or impress others.

I only wish I knew when I was younger to write down my goals, dream big and work consistently towards them!





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