I have been repeatedly seeing the numbers 11:11 appearing, this has been happening for a number of months now, possibly up to six months, as it was only when it was happening so often I thought it was strange, only then did I sit up and pay attention and discover it was an angel number.

I have seen these numbers on receipts, on my clock, my phone, my computer and even when I have paused a video, it happens to get paused at 11:11 or with 11:11 minutes remaining.  I have started to take photographs when I can to evidence this.

I decided to do a bit of research on these numbers and was touched to find they were often linked to a spiritual awakening, however there are several different meanings, I have to decipher which is relevant to me.

Some of these signs are interlinked, but I have broken them down for ease of understanding:

11:11 is known as an angel number, because ‘angel’ means messenger, definition ‘a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God’

So here are the different meanings:

  1.  A sign you are on the right path

Apparently, seeing these numbers are a sign you are on the right path.  Whatever you are doing or thinking at the moment is key.  The universe is telling you to keep that thought, keep doing what you are doing or thinking what you are thinking.  However, you need to make sure the thought you were having at that time is in alignment with your desires or purpose, because if it isn’t, then you need to change your thoughts.

  2.  Reminder of your connectedness with the universe

11:11 can be a reminder of your connectedness with the universe and a call to heal yourself by doing inner work.  It can be a prompt to remember your true self.

 3.  Confirmation that you are on the path to awakening

It can be confirmation that you are being called to awaken, and that you are on the path to awakening.

 4.  Wake up Call

11:11 can be a ‘wake up call’, when you see 11:11 you should make a wish and set an intention, just make sure your wish is what you truly want.

 5.  You are being divinely guided

It can be confirmation that you are being divinely guided and you should pay attention to synchronicities, signs, messages, listen and be guided by your intuition.

 6.  Something is about to manifest

Something is about to manifest, a gateway has opened up to another dimension and you should make a wish at the time you see 11:11.

Has anyone else experienced synchronicity with repeated numbers?  Has this coincided with your spiritual awakening?  Comments are most welcome.

Posted by:Jane