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These are my experiences of spiritual awakening, which started as a slow process, but after losing my dog last year, this unexplained and unknowing awakening began to accelerate.  I didn’t realise and could not explain at the time what was happening, it is only reflecting back and learning about spiritual awakening that made me realise this is what it is.  Although, I had heard of the term ‘spiritual awakening’ I didn’t know what it was, I didn’t seek it out, it somehow seemed to have found me and I am glad it did, despite it’s sometimes difficult path.  I am not fully awakened, I am in the process of ‘awakening’ my aim is to be fully awakened or enlightened.  This is not a comprehensive list of signs of spiritual awakening, but they were the key ones for me.

1.  Health

You change your diet, to a much healthier one, junk food does not appeal to you, you may go vegan, which I did, something I had never considered doing before.   It not only feels like the right thing to do, it feels like the only thing to do, you feel like you have no choice, but you don’t resist it either.

I literally went vegan overnight, after having been repulsed by meat for a number of weeks before the change.   I just thought I was off my food, but on reflection I was making the connection that something had died and suffered for me to consume.  There were catalysts that made me go vegan, I didn’t realise at the time seeds were being planted in my mind, seeds that would change my thoughts, see 5 Catalysts That Made Me Go Vegan,  I now see this as the universe putting these things in my path to help me ‘wake up’.

Apart from what you fuel your body with, you also want to take better care of your physical body, you want to be more active, you may join the gym, when you previously hated it, but you now want to honour your physical body.  You want to be fit, healthy and strong.

If you didn’t previously, you start to enjoy walking, you enjoy long periods of walking, particularly in places of nature.  You notice every bird, you watch them with curiosity and compassion.

You awaken to your addictions, you know they are hindering you, you may cut down or stop drinking alcohol and smoking altogether.


2.  Appreciation of Animals and the Planet

You have a new found appreciation of all living beings (even spiders), you view animals differently, you almost see them as human as you realise they have emotions and feelings just like us.  If you see or hear of any type of animal cruelty, it distresses you greatly, your empathy is heightened, you feel their pain.  You want others to view animals as you do, when you speak of animal cruelty, people shut down, they don’t want to know because deep down they know they contribute to it, it is very uncomfortable for them.

You want to spend time with all animals, you may want to volunteer or help them in some way.  You wish others would make the connection and realise the suffering they cause by eating animals.

Having previously not really considered the beauty of nature, you have a new appreciation for this, you are in awe of the sky, natural flows of water, fields and forests.   You can sit and observe nature and feel at peace when you do.  You may love to watch birds going about their business, you feel compassion for them that you never felt before.  You see beauty where you’ve never seen it before, this makes life  feel magical, you feel honoured that you are able to see what many can’t.  At the same time, human’s destruction nature distresses you, you understand it’s impact and have difficulty understanding why most people just don’t care or deny it.


3.  You See The Hypocrisy

You see clearly the ridiculous things people say, the hypocrisy, things you used to say but it is only now you see how hypocritical they are.  For example, someone saying they ‘love animals’, yet they eat them.  How people run from the truth, the truth of animal agriculture, animal slaughter, wars, hunger and human abuses, like putting their fingers in their ears and singing ‘La La La La’.

You see how people are wrapped up in their own lives, materialistic, self-absorbed, because they have been conditioned by society their whole lives, so much so that they can no longer see the truth and because of this they disregard the impact they have on others and the planet.  It is not their fault, they are conditioned and they will condition their children and it will go on and on, until people wake up.  If there was a way you could make everyone ‘wake up’ you would because you know it would change the world for the better, abuse of others would cease, harmony and peace would reign and humanity would have a chance of survival.  This would be my ‘Nirvana’.

You become intolerant to most forms of media, television, facebook, instagram, twitter etc. as you realise it is full of ‘bullshit’  You have absolutely no interest in people just because they are famous, you may have previously enjoyed ‘reality’ tv shows, now you see them as pointless bordering on the most ridiculous display of egotism you will ever witness.  Part of you understands they know no better, but because you do, it makes you cringe, and at the same time you feel sorry for them, sorry that they are ‘missing out’.  You may delete your social media accounts or remove people that don’t add value to your life, you may seek people that actually want to help others and follow them, knowing you are learning valuable information.


4.  Job

You lose all interest in your job, you don’t want to be there, you want to do something to helps others, something that gives your life deeper meaning, knowing you are making a difference is what you seek.  You want to ease all suffering in this world, you want this to be your career, because you want to spend as much time as possible in your quest to help others.

You may look around your office or workplace and think how sad it is that people spend most of the best years of their lives in a job that does not feed their soul.  In fact it can be soul destroying, but people do it because they are conditioned, they think it is normal.  It is not normal, like the birds and wild animals, people need freedom and if your job does not give you a sense of purpose and feed your soul, then you are enslaved.


5.  Relationships

You feel disconnected from those you used to feel closest to.  You find conversations trivial, superficial and futile as your interests are in stark contrast.  You still love those closest to you, but you love them in a different way because of how you are changing.

The changes in you confuse them, they think you are weird, or are losing your mind.  So you learn to keep your mouth shut, not feeling you can freely express yourself, or are unable to express yourself, this just adds to the disconnection.

At the same time, you may meet someone who unknown to them, feeds your spirituality, even if they are not awake themselves.  In this type of relationship, your love will be so profound and deep, you will love like you’ve never loved before.  You may question previous personal relationships because this love feels so very different.   For the first time in your life it feels ‘real’ and unconditional.  When you think of them, you will feel deep emotions and their happiness will be as important as yours.


6.  Emotions

You may feel strangely depressed and have this persistent anxiety that doesn’t make sense.  All your flaws are brought to the surface for you to see clearly, you start to realise your thoughts are often steered by your ego.

Because of these strong and uncomfortable emotions, you feel a strong pull to heal yourself.  You know you need guidance to do this, so you search for different healing methods, you may become interested in meditation, crystal healing, reiki, chakra balancing, or doing inner work and shadow work to heal your internal self.

You want to understand yourself more, you become interested in cultivating self-awareness, you have a strong urge to be your authentic self and shed your ‘conditioned’ skin.  You seek transformation because you want to feel whole.


7.  Your Interests Change

Everyday things you used to do and enjoy; excessive spending / shopping, drinking alcohol, gossiping, media, celebrity interest, are now meaningless to you.  You clearly see they do not serve you and are simply not important.  You may cringe at celebrities openly displaying their wealth, their vanity and  their egotistical behaviours, you have no interest in it all, because you know it is not real, pointless and serves no good purpose.

You may have had a lifelong interest which you lose interest in, you crave the truth and  spiritual knowledge.  You are no longer satisfied with your life, you crave deeper meaning and understanding.


8.  Synchronicities

You dreams become more vivid and strange, some just don’t make any sense, whilst others have a clear message.  I had one dream in which the message was very clear, telling me to get out of a situation I was in.  This was a situation I was struggling to walk away from,  I thought I couldn’t or shouldn’t get out of, I eventually decided to listen to the message because deep down in my soul, I knew it was the right thing to do.

You will receive messages in different forms, it may be something you read that resonates with you, it may be words in a song that are significant to your life, you may overhear a strangers conversation that ‘hits home’.  You may see repeating numbers, such as 111, 11:11, 1234, 222, 2222, 333, 444, 555 etc. these are communications from angels, masters or the universe.  You may see them on the clock, your phone, receipts, television, the internet, it’s like you can’t escape them.

I repeatedly see 11:11, whilst not realising at first, I saw these numbers so often I looked them up, this to me was further confirmation of my awakening.  I have just seen 11:11 whilst writing this post, I picked up my phone to check a message and the time on the screen was 11:11

More recently I have started to see 222, 2222 and 444, messages from the angels, which I have interpreted as me being on the right path.

Your higher self wants what’s best for you, so trust your intuition, trust messages you receive whether they come via your dreams, signs, songs or numbers, they speak the truth and are giving you valuable information.


A couple of years ago, if someone had described all this to me, I would have thought they were a little weird too, but I like to think that I would have been curious enough to find out more from them.  What I do find strange, is other people I have read about who have or are going through a spiritual awakening, have most of these things in common, this makes me feel less isolated and reassures me that this is not the ‘mumbo jumbo’ some people think, I know better now!

Has anyone else experienced these signs and similar feelings?  What has helped you transition?  Comments below are most welcome.


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