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My decluttering goal, has almost (not quite) but very nearly taken a back seat.  However, I recently have an incredibly strong urge to declutter, I am letting things go that I have held on to for far too long.  I am creating space in my home and my life, it feels like I’m cleansing my inner space too.  Now it’s time to get this thing back on track, after all decluttering is one of my goals for 2019!

I have decided my computer clutter needs an overhaul, I have so much crap, saved articles, my goals (old and new), research, personal development work and I won’t even mention my archives.  I may have progressed somewhat on decluttering my home, but have took procrastination to ‘Kilimanjaro’ levels when it comes to decluttering my computer.

The thing to remember about clutter, it not only clutters your physical space but your head space too.  Your brain is an organ you should take extra special care of, think of  all the clutter in your life as being physically within your brain, is it any wonder you can’t think straight?  Your brain already carries so much baggage; knowledge, emotions, memories, decisions, things to do, goals, that new dress you want etc. etc.  I think if we could all physically go into our brain and give it a good clear out we would, wait a minute …..  you can, by decluttering your spaces you are affectively clearing your brain / mind.  So let’s get to it.

Sometimes we are overwhelmed, the difficult part is where to start.  I suggest writing a list of all the ‘cluttered’ areas of your life, not only physically but mentally, currently my list looks like this:

  • Computer
  • Loft
  • Books (find these hard to let go)
  • Shed
  • Chest drawers
  • Letters / documents
  • Mental chatter
  • Kitchen drawers
  • Utility cupboard

Whilst this isn’t a comprehensive list, these are the things that I guess bother me the most, some of these have already been decluttered and I swore would never get cluttered again and although they aren’t too bad (except the loft, that’s bad), they still bug me.

How do they bug me?  because throughout the day I repeatedly say to myself things like “I really need to tidy my computer contents up”. I have on occasion started this but because I haven’t broken it down into smaller manageable areas and tasks, I have been overwhelmed, so today, I will start with one small area; You Tube.

Today is the day I make a start, today is the day I go through my many You Tube subscriptions and remove the ones I have outgrown or are not aligned to my goals.  Saying that there are some self-development experts recently discovered that I will be subscribing to, but first things first, get rid of the current subscription clutter.

I don’t even know why some of these subscriptions are on there, I probably watched one video, liked it and subscribed, (mental note: subscribe only if aligned to one of my goals).

I currently have 79 subscriptions, having just browsed (and counted) them, there are some there that I really find useful and are aligned to my goals, but I may not of watched one of their videos for a while.

My challenge in doing this will be to refrain from watching videos!

Okay, there’s no time like ‘now’, let’s get this done, stopwatch on, I want to try and not spend more than 1 hour on this.

Excuse me, I’ll be back soon, stay right where you are ………

I’m back now, thanks for waiting ………  So, how did I get on?

Well, I had to watch a little bit of some videos, as I wasn’t sure if they were relevant, I just watched enough to be able to decide if they were useful to me.  It took me 71 minutes, 11 minutes more than I wanted to spend on this task, but it’s done now.

Anyway, I have reduced from 79 to 65 subscriptions, which is still a lot of subscriptions, but they are all aligned to my goals in some way, so if you look at how many goals I have, relatively speaking it’s not that many.

I haven’t watched a video on some subscribed channels for a long time, but there is so much useful content for me, I am going to try and spend 1 hour a week catching up on them.

So what’s next?  I have a lot of ‘Watch Later’ videos, ones I know don’t align with my goal will be removed.  Then I am going to try and schedule some time each week, this may only be 30 minutes to watch these.

The key message here is to only create space for things that are a) essential or b) aligned to your goals, declutter the rest.

I’m off now to review my ‘watch later’ videos.

What’s your one clutter task you want to tackle, but keep putting off?

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