I had never even heard of ‘Astral Projection’ before I had my experience, although I had heard of ‘out of body’ experiences.  I am still not sure which one it was, but I will try to describe as best I can.

On 21st August, I was laying in the bath, very relaxed and just soaking up all those himalayan salts I had put in (brilliant for detoxing and softening skin).  I had completed a meditation prior to getting  in the bath, it was mid afternoon (my day off).  The meditation was Steve Nobel ‘Affirmations: Activate the full potential of your Intuition’ on You Tube.

Out of Body Experience Feelings of Pure Love

I fully appreciate how weird this is going to sound to most people, but bare with me, for me it was as real as it gets.  Whilst I was laying there fully conscious, suddenly there was a bright white light and my spirit lifted up from my body.   I was aware my physical body was just an empty shell and that I (my spirit) was surrounded by golden sparkling lights.  It felt as though I was in the centre of these lights, they were part of me.

It was absolutely beautiful.  More than this, my spirit felt pure love, joy and bliss.  There was no self-doubt, anxiety or the usual emotions felt by my human self.  Yes I am aware how weird I sound describing this, but it happened.

The whole thing only lasted seconds, definitely less than a minute (I think). My spirit lifted in front of my body, but without turning around I could see my human shell left behind, it was like I could see all around me without physically turning.  My physical body looked lifeless, I basically looked like a corpse (horrible word I know), it was  at this point I thought I had died (why else would my spirit leave my body?), this was when I freaked out a bit, and suddenly I was in my body again.

Spiritual Awakening Symptom?

Since having this experience, I have tried to read up about it, find information on experiences other people have had, I haven’t come across anyone that is fully similar to mine.  Most seem to still be in their physical body form of sorts, I was not, my form was left behind.  Some scientists disagree that this is real, stating that it’s your mind playing tricks or you are dreaming.  I swear I was fully conscious (no medical doctor in this world could convince me otherwise).  This is just another weird experience to add to my  list of weird stuff and for me further confirmation that I am spiritually awakening to the fact that I am a spirit.

Nothing to Fear

This has had a profound affect on me on so many levels, firstly I now know your spirit lives on and that your spirit is made of lights (mine was anyway).  I now know that there is nothing to fear in death, in fact it is the most beautiful feeling you could wish for.  I have been an atheist most of my life, from a young child I always questioned ‘religion’, my views on this has not changed, well, not about man-made religion anyway.

The world I am in, just keeps getting stranger and more magical and I like it.  The only thing is I somehow feel more detached from people, I have less and less interest in the every day mundane stuff.  This experience has spooked me a bit, but at the same time I want it to happen again, but don’t know how to invoke it.  I wonder if it will just naturally occur like it did the other day, or will it be a one time experience.  I’m hoping  it will happen again, because next time I don’t think I will freak out.  I want to explore the the spirit world more and something tells me I will learn whilst I am there.

I Guess I Didn’t Want to Die

This has just added fuel to my incessant interests in all spiritual things.  At the moment, I’m obsessed with crystals, in particular the healing aspect.

Did I see dead people? No, it was just me.   I wasn’t in a physical body but bright beautiful golden lights.  I could see my ‘lifeless’ body in the bath tub.  This didn’t initially freak me out.  But the point I had the thought ‘I’m dead’, was when I freaked out.  As beautiful as my experience was, I guess I didn’t want to die.

Keep to Self or Share?

I have only told my best friend about this experience.   I have to say I am not entirely sure what she thinks of me now.  But she did get very emotional when I described my experience.  After attempting to tell a work colleague, she didn’t ‘get it’.  She said she has them all the time (which shocked me).  But when she described it, she just meant her mind goes ‘blank’. I think she misunderstood what I was saying.  Because of this, I did not go into detail with her.  The misunderstanding was not her fault, the ‘out of body experience’ isn’t the usual conversation you have with a work colleague.

If you haven’t had this experience it is extremely difficult to understand and believe that it happens, so for this reason I will mostly keep to myself.  Although I want to tell everyone, so they are reassured that their spirits live on and there is nothing to fear.  It’s almost like whatever has happened in your human life doesn’t matter.

I consider myself extremely privileged to have had this spiritual experience.  It’s left me wanting to tell everyone there is nothing to fear in death (if my experience is anything to go by).  In fact quite the opposite, it is the most beautiful experience I have ever had.  No experience in the physical world even comes close.

I have been going through a spiritual awakening for the past few years now.  Although the past 12 months has had a turbo boost to my awakening.  I believe this is another level to my ascension.

Spirits are often portrayed as human life like figures, but I believe I was not in human form.  Like I have said my spirit was in the form of beautiful golden lights.  I could not see my spirit as such, I could only feel it.  But I was aware of the golden lights emanating from my spirit.

Weird Synchronicities

The day following my out of body experience, something strange happened.  I was in a beauty salon and overheard a customer talk of a man (who she knew) who had an ‘out of body experience.’  I have never overheard the phrase ‘out of body experience’ in conversations before.  So that was strange in itself, but to hear that the day after I had mine!  After getting called in for my appointment, I regretted not approaching her.  Guess I just wanted to ‘talk’ to somebody about this, who has experienced it and would understand.  She probably would have thought me a weirdo anyway.

Another weird thing, was another friend of mine (who I have not told of my experience), said ‘out of body experience’ randomly in a conversation we were having.  I instantly couldn’t remember the context in which he was saying it.  Maybe I wasn’t listening until he said that phrase.  It shocked me because he is not aware of my experience.  I didn’t question him because I was really taken aback.  It felt a bit twilight zoneish!

After Affects

Since this experience, my anxiety has greatly decreased.  I feel more ‘connected’ to my spirit.  I feel protected and regularly try to zone in to the feeling I had during this experience.  Although it doesn’t even come close.

This experience has kinda put life into perspective.  I feel more at peace, and like I said my anxiety has greatly reduced.  It’s a pity we can’t have an out of body experience at will!

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4 replies on “My Out of Body Experience: Did I Die or Just Imagine I did?

  1. This was really interesting to read and thank you for sharing your experience. I’m thinking, could the meditation have caused the experience?

    1. Hi Ami, thanks for your comment, glad you found it interesting. I really have no idea, I honestly do not know what caused this, but maybe it’s not coincidental that I had meditated beforehand. As mentioned this was the first time it happened (it hasn’t happened since). When I have looked up about others experiences it does not match mine. I have considered maybe I fell unconscious and dreamt it, but I honestly don’t believe I did. I have had vivid dreams before, even when its took some time to realise it was a dream, but this experience was very different.

      1. Thanks Ami, I’m not out to convince any one, just write of my experience because I believe there are others that don’t talk about it openly (I myself don’t). Really appreciate your belief in me though. Love and Best Wishes to you xx

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