Life experience both good and bad provide you with valuable lessons, as I have aged I have learned that all experiences help you to grow as a person.

It is only now that I appreciate that we all have to experience grief, hardships and challenges throughout our lives and that these experiences are essential to your personal growth and higher self.

Here I list the things that I wish I could have told my younger self.


Love Yourself First

You are perfect as you are.  There is a saying that ‘you can’t love another, until you love yourself’, this is so true.  Apart from anything else, loving yourself feels so good, it will give you inner peace and happinesss.

If you experience unrequited love in your life , it won’t affect you half as much, because with self-love, you will know that you are loveable and loved anyway and the person of your affections was not part of your destiny.

Once you love yourself, it is easy to always act from love not hate, show compassion to people, animals and the planet.  Try your best not to judge others because everyone is on their own journey with their own individual lessons to learn.

If you have an opportunity to give others a helping hand, whether that’s giving your time, money, kind words or prayers, do it!  Show respect to others, but just as importantly to your self.

Trust Your Intuition

The only voice that matters is your inner voice, ignore the haters, their words have nothing to do with you, feel sorry for them because they are missing the point of life.

Try to understand the difference between your ego and your higher self.  Talk to your ego, befriend it because it has a lot to teach you.  It will show you your shadow side, the traits in your self which you are ashamed of and want to keep hidden.  Bring these traits to the surface, show them compassion and try to understand them, they serve a purpose.

Your ego is trying to protect you, even if it is misguided at times, it is a drama queen and will try to protect you at all costs, but at the same time, it can greatly restrict you from moving forward and becoming your best self.  Learn instead to listen to your intuition, for this is your higher self communicating with you, it serves your best interests and is never wrong!

Be a Fighter!

Learn resilience, when life smacks you in the face or knocks you off your feet, fight back.  Show life you are strong and can handle whatever it throws in your path, never give up, no matter what.  Be your own hero.

If someone calls you ‘stupid’ or an ‘idiot’ and let’s face it we’ve all been called these names or similar, don’t take ‘on board’ these negative remarks as a truth because their not.  People call others ‘stupid’ because they have a deep rooted fear of being or looking ‘stupid’ themselves, it has absolutely nothing to do with you.

Don’t let others walk all over you or use you.

Stay True to Yourself

Be your authentic self, if life experiences have made you conform, find your true self again, by meditating and doing inner work to heal your false self.

If you don’t want to do something or it feels wrong, don’t do it, stand in your own shoes and be proud of who you are.

Learn self-awareness, knowing yourself will serve you well in life, few people have great self-awareness.

Find Your Life Purpose

What do you love to do? what feels right? what feeds your soul? If you could do anything you wanted, what would it be?  These are just some of the questions to ask yourself to find your life purpose.

Are you here to heal or teach others?  How could you incorporate helping others with your passion, answer this then you will have your life purpose.  You can then define your goals to work towards this.

Don’t Waste Time

Define what’s important to you, short term and long term, and make sure you do what’s most important to you (not anyone else).  Write your goals down, read them regularly and review them annually.  Be aware, that your goals may change over time and that’s okay.

Never make your goals solely about making money, ensure you are doing what you love to do.  Try to work towards your goals on a daily or at least a weekly basis, small steps is all it needs, which taken over time can take you a great distance.

If you trip and make a mistake, show yourself compassion and forgive your self.  There is not a successful person in this world the that has not made mistakes.  In fact, some of the most successful people have made the most mistakes, this is how they learned success.

Live in the Moment

Stop worrying about the future and life in the moment, enjoy every second that you possibly can, laugh long and hard, spend time with people that make you feel good, steer clear of negative or self absorbed people.

When living in the moment, you appreciate everything, including people, animals, nature, the planet and life itself, saviour these moments they give you energy which will keep your zest for life continuous.

Don’t Waste Money

We live in a world whereby people are admired for the material possessions they have, they are not important.  You don’t have to spend lots of money on clothes and shoes to look good, choose quality not quantity.

Get in to the habit of saving at least 10% of everything you earn and steer clear of debt, apart from a house, care or starting a business, if you haven’t go the money for something then you can’t afford it.

If you want something that badly, save for it or use some of your savings.  Only buy the best house, car or possessions once you can truly afford them.  Debt causes stress and stress is the main thing you need to avoid in this life.

Never Stop Learning

Learning as an adult is very different from learning in school.  As an adult, you get to choose what you want to learn, you can also change your mind and learn something else.

You will enjoy learning new things because they are things that interest you.

You never stop learning in life, whether you are proactive in learning or not, so why not choose what you want to learn about.

As you learn new things, it will spark a thirst for deeper knowledge or knowledge in other areas.

Learning keeps your brain sharp, it widens your perspective, world views and can lead to new friendships with those who have similar interests.  Even if you find subject difficult as long as you are interested in the subject, trust me you are learning.

Never Grow Up

Never let go of your childhood spirit, nurture it continuously throughout your life.  Many people forget the feeling of excitement they had as a young child for their future.

The possibilities for your future self are endless and amazing, rid yourself of limiting beliefs, parental expectations, societal restrictions, you can be whoever you wanted to be.  Don’t let life experiences restrict your ambitions in any way.

If you feel excited about your future and believe your dreams will come true, feel the emotions that go with it, then the universe will open doors of opportunity especially for you!


You are Special

Do you know just how special you are?  There is no-one else in the whole planet like you. As you go through life, some people will see this specialness you have, others will not, it does not matter, as long as you know how special you  are.

You will face challenges throughout your life and you will face them in your own unique way.  These challenges are not negative, even though they appear to be.

They are there to help you learn, grow and help others face their own challenges by teaching you understanding and empathy towards others.  It is these challenges that will make you unique.


Don’t Lose the Magic!

Never lose the magic you feel inside, for your life or this universe.  You know life is magical, you feel it, it doesn’t have to be proven by science, never lose this, cultivate it, nurture it and it will stay with you.

You know the truth, you are an infinite spirit full of love and peace, let others feel the energy you hold by sharing it.

Talk to your angels, ask them for help and guidance when you need it and thank them whilst truly believing your prayers will be answered and that they will show you the best way for your life’s path.




Posted by:Jane