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In my spiritual journey, I have learned practices that I know are benefitting me, they are helping me to deal much better with life’s emotional upheavals.  There is evidence that these practices benefit you in so many ways (list them), make you more resilient, fulfilled, compassionate, purposeful, self-aware and mindful, who doesn’t want to raise children this way?  Corporations, governments, pharmaceutical industries, that’s who!

These practices help teach people  the ‘real’ value of life, not the materialistic value, this world is material based, people are out to get rich through people’s misery, addictions and particularly the low value they place on themselves.  So come on governments, its time you took better care of your citizens, gave them the tools they need to have a truly fulfilled life.  Look at the bigger picture and help those in need.

Give children a fighting chance, to grow up to live a fulfilled life, the education system should not be a barrier to this.  I see teenagers with false confidence, they wear expensive clothing and footwear, they have the latest iPhone, they think these things are what they need to be happy.   They haven’t lost their own way, they have been shown the wrong path, we have failed them, they think material things and popularity are all they need to be happy.  Given a chance to uncover their true selves, they will flourish not only through school but through life.

A lot of suffering in rich countries is avoidable, educate people, start off young, forget the old programming that has been taught since the education system began and help children reprogram their minds for happiness, success and fulfilment, what a great world that would be.

I see great potential for this world, but it starts in education, educating parents and children to find their true selves, living authentically, because I believe if you do this, compassion will flow from yourself to others and back again like a boomerang.

The system needs to change urgently, not only will this have an impact on individuals, but the planet and animals.  The gift of life is so precious, whether you are religious or spiritual or both, god, source, the divine, whatever label you want to use, would be so proud that we ‘get it’, that we have ascended to a better world, a peaceful world, a compassionate world.

We are all in the same boat, the ‘boat of life’, life is difficult enough without ‘man-made’ barriers.  Let the world ‘wake up’, help them to wake up, in John Lennon’s words ‘give peace a chance’!

These are just some of the things I think should be discussed in the classroom, rather than those lessons we all had that proved to be absolutely useless in life:

Spirituality (non-religious)

Don’t just teach kids man-made religion, teach them about the non-religious kind, ‘spirituality’ and how tapping into this can help them face life’s challenges.  Teach them the importance of taking care of their soul.


Help kids become self-aware, teach them about journalling and shadow work.  Teach them emotions such as anger, jealousy and anxiety are not emotions to be ashamed of, they serve a purpose, these emotions are telling them something, help them understand what it is.  I think one of the biggest problems for kids is they feel so called negative emotions and think they are the only ones that feel this way and that they should hide how they feel.


Teach kids how to accept themselves, their present and future depends on this, not to mention their relationships.  Schools breed conformity, it’s okay to be different

Teach them the true riches in life, caring and compassionate social interactions helps people accept others,  not materialism.


Get meditation on the school curriculum, I cannot stress enough how good this is for the mind and soul.  Some schools now have kids meditating in the U.S.  Give kids some meditation time, teach them how to calm and clear their minds.  Make meditation part of the school day, a couple of short sessions throughout the day is enough.  You may even find calmer kids walking around the school.


Teach kids healthy eating, have vegan cookery classes.  Meat and dairy are not essential, alternatives are often more healthy.  Help kids understand the impact of their diet on animals and the planet, you are not forcing them to go vegan, just educating them on it.

We are compassionate by nature, that’s why we use the term ‘humanity’ to express compassion.


Don’t just teach kids team sports, teach them yoga, strength training and the theories behind these.  Take them for a walk / hike in nature.  Not much has moved on in terms of physical education in schools since I was a kid, but we know so much more now.  The only real difference I can see is that girls are allowed to play football now.


Don’t just have kids reading the classics, what about modern classics?  ‘The Power of Now’, ‘The Four Agreements’, ‘The Mastery of Love’, ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ and ‘Infinite Possibilites’.  Have kids read these books and many others that are potentially life changing, discuss these in class and promote the practices in them.



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