By Limiting your goals or reducing them down, you may just be giving yourself a fighting chance of achieving them.  Last year I had numerous goals which caused me to feel overwhelm, although I have made some progress. I could have made so much more if I had of  limited the number of goals I had.  So for 2020, I have chosen just 3 goals to focus on.  I have drafted an Action Plan, see below.


Goal No. 1 – To save £3000 by 01/01/21

The purpose of this goal is to have £1000 emergency money, to prevent me borrowing in times when things go wrong (as they sometimes do).  The other £2000 is to save towards an online business idea I have had for a couple of years, but have not saved the money to start.  This all fits in to my bigger goal of financial freedom.

Now £3000 is extremely ambitious for me, as someone who until recently would spend every last penny in my account until I had nothing left.  So, I have to make some major changes in my life.  I am doing this by doing a low-buy year in 2020, see previous article here.

Action Steps to save £3000

  • Sell unwanted clothes etc. on eBay
  • Sell an unused car sitting on my drive because I can’t afford to put it on the road.
  • Only use taxi cabs when I absolutely have to, I will walk to and from work daily and get buses whenever I can.  I will also be asking family / friends for lifts whenever possible.
  • Taking my dinners to work.
  • Doing a no / low buy year in 2020, buying essentials or things that take me towards my goals


Goal No. 2 – To have a monthly income of £10,000 by 2022

Again, this is extremely ambitious, although the aim is to achieve this by 2022, as it’s a big goal, there are things I can do in 2020 that will progress me towards my 2022 goal.

Action Steps to achieve £10,000 monthly income:

  • Explore ways to increase my income
  • Research and plan for an online business
  • Complete 2 online courses to increase my knowledge and skills
  • Save £4000 business start up fund (this relates to Goal No. 1)


Goal No. 3 – To lose 20lb weight by January 2021

It is not just about losing the weight, it is about being healthy, fit and toned, which will impact on other areas of my life.  It will reduce my anxiety, increase my confidence and make me look and feel better.

I have calculated what I need to lose each quarter to achieve my weight loss goal by dividing 20lb into 4.  This works out at 5lb weight loss every quarter, this may not seem ambitious, but this is what I feel is achievable.  I don’t want to weigh myself monthly because I don’t want to demotivate myself if I am not on target, 3 months gives me plenty of time and all I have to do is be consistent with my actions.

Action Steps to achieve 20lb weight loss

  • Intermittent fasting (12 hours, because I struggled with 16 hours)
  • Walking to / from work daily
  • Go hiking once a week for a minimum 4 hours
  • Go to gym 4 times per week (not matter how I feel)
  • Give up sugar


As well as limiting your goals, you should keep them simple.  Even when some of your goals are ambitious, make them clear, simple and relate them to habits you want to form.

All you have to do is change your daily habits.  I know this is easier said than done, but if you get off track, just start over   without judging and punishing yourself.

By achieving these limited 3 goals, I will have made significant and meaningful progress.  Especially towards my bigger goals, then next year I will choose 2 or 3 more goals to help take me to where I want to be.

Limiting your goals can be difficult initially.  I became very reluctant to ‘let go’ of some goals.  One such goal was learning the Spanish language, yes this is something I want to do.  Bu,t it is not something that serves a purpose right now in my life and if I achieve financial and time freedom, then learning Spanish will be more practical.

My advice to you is to limit your goals to just 2 or 3,.  Focus on the ones that will have the biggest impact on your life either immediately or over time.   Your goals may be sub-goals of a larger goal, such as a ‘low buy’ year to help you achieve financial freedom over time.  The key is to not overwhelm yourself, if that means just choosing 1 goal to work on, then choose 1.

Posted by:Jane