Want an Easy(er) Life? Do you have kids or pets where adoption is not an option? Or do you simply want to minimise the time you spend not, only clearing and moving stuff to clean your space but cleaning? Read on for some time saving design and layout ideas for easy cleaning of your home!

I love a clean space and home, it makes me feel good, it somehow changes the atmosphere in my home, it makes me feel calm, relaxed, productive in the things I actually want to do, like a domestic goddess, okay maybe that’s going too far. But I know it makes me feel good and isn’t life about feeling good as much as possible? It’s a pity most of the time I feel it could be clearer and cleaner, so now is the time to make changes to my home to make cleaning the spaces in it easier and quicker.  There are things I can’t change yet, but I will definitely bare these in mind when making any changes in future.  In fact I have already saved some to my Amazon Wish List.

The first thing to be able to keep a clean home is to have your spaces as clutter free as possible. you don’t have to be a full on minimalist to be minimal.   So, lets look at this by spaces and rooms.

Things to consider before purchasing anything for your home

  • Is it easy clean? Is there an easy clean version?
  • Is it practical? That gorgeous glossy tiled floor may look good in a picture perfect magazine. But if you have to clean it everyday or every time your kids, dog or an insect for that matter walks on it, then you may have to reduce your working hours, just to keep that floor looking good, think about it!


The clearer your floors are, the easier and quicker they are to clean, I know I am stating the ‘bleeding obvious’ here, but most of us don’t think of those small considerations or changes we can make to our home that can make life that little bit easier.

A great solution to help keep floors clear and therefore easy to run the vacuum or mop over is to have wall mounted furniture, so you have a clear floor space to clean and you don’t have to pull the furniture out to clean underneath.

Wall Mounted Furniture

Apart from it being wall mounted, does it have grooves? Yes, those little grooves which make that piece of furniture look expensive, can also harbour dust and dirt and slow you down when cleaning it, so if you can go for the minimalist look.  Click on Image to link to Amazon

Wall mounted bookcases / floating Shelves

I love these floating shelves, they look chunky and glossy! Click on Image to link to Amazon

Wall Mounted Toilet Click on Image to link to Amazon

Wall Mounted Vanity sink unit Click on Image to link to Amazon

Wall mounted toilet brushes, yes really! Click on Image to link to Amazon

I have just ordered two of these, I’m so excited!


Integral blinds within window casings are genius.  They are placed in-between the glass.  You can get vertical or venetian blinds you never have to clean these, because they simply don’t get dirty, how wonderful!  See video below

If you are considering replacing your windows, consider paying that bit extra for self-cleaning windows.

UPVC Window Ledges Click on Image to link to Amazon

I have UPVC window ledges throughout my home, they are brilliant, never need painting, are super high gloss and always look nice, a quick wipe down is all they need. they are much easier to clean than wooden ones of which cleaning can gradually take the paint off.  You can get square or round edges too.


I have a canopy that stretches from my front door right across the length of the downstairs window. It looks pretty and my windows don’t get half as dirty as they used to. If there is rainfall, it doesn’t touch my windows, unless it is very windy with it.

Vip Home Design and Decoration Ideas


Pull Down Bed

This is not always practical for everyone, but a wall mounted bed is a great idea for cleaning the floors, you don’t have to pull or push the bed to clean under it. This may be more practical in a guest or spare bedroom though and they can be expensive.


It’s important to keep worktops as clean as possible, below are some solutions that may help you clear them for easier cleaning.

Again similar to the floors, the more you can put away in cupboards or wall mount the better. 

Microwave Brackets Click on Image to link to Amazon

Have you ever moved your microwave to clean behind? Well all those little crumbs attract little pests into your home.  You can buy brackets or a shelf to wall mount your microwave.

Kitchen Shelf Click on Image to link to Amazon

Have a shelf or two to keep items such as tea / coffee caddies, bread bin etc. or all those little things you have cluttering your worktops.  Yes you still have to clean your shelf, but not every day, like you do your worktops. Shelves save you having to move things off your worktop, its quicker and you are getting to all those crumbs and spillages cleaned up a lot easier. 

Dishwasher Click on Image to link to Amazon

If you can afford one and have the room, a dishwasher can help your kitchen look tidy and uncluttered, each time you use a dish or pan etc. just put in dishwasher until its full and ready to be washed.  It looks much better than dirty dishes in the sink.

Radiator Covers Click on Image to link to Amazon

Don’t buy traditional MDF radiator covers, some can actually prevent your room from heating up properly, depending on its design, plus they often have all little gaps and spaces for dust to settle.  Buy a pretty modern glass radiator cover instead, you can buy different colours.  They are easy clean and look stunning.

Light Fittings Click on Image to link to Amazon

Hands up if you’ve ever purchased a light fitting and then had buyers remorse when it comes time to clean it.   Yep I’ve got both hands up!

Some light fittings are a nightmare to clean, think crystal chandeliers and glass shades. My mum has this chandelier and if she ever asked me to clean, I would revert to a ‘Kevin & Perry’ style strop.  I like modern smooth (the least grooves the better) flush lighting, especially in halls, bathrooms, toilets, and landings. They’re much easier to clean.  When you are looking to replace lighting, consider how you will have to clean it, it may look stunning, but simple lighting can look stunning too in a minimalistic way.

Paint is much easier than wall coverings, it’s quicker to redecorate (no stripping wall paper), just go over your already painted walls. Now you do have to have near perfect walls for it to look really good.  If yours are less than perfect, you may want to have them skimmed with plaster first. I highly recommend paint that is durable and washable, it’s worth the extra money, then if it gets lightly marked, as they often do in high traffic areas, just wash it off with a sponge. If you prefer wall coverings, consider vinyl wall coverings, these are easy to clean. Click on Image to link to Amazon

UPVC Skirting

Consider getting UPVC skirting, you never have to paint them and as long as you don’t get grooves in them, they are super easy to clean.

Click on Image to link to Amazon

Mirrors and Pictures

If you have art work in your home, consider getting it in a glass frame or if you buy art without a glass front, consider getting it reframed. This is much easier to clean than uncovered artwork. Also, do you really need so much artwork around your home? if you absolutely love each and every one, they yes you do, but if not, then consider downsizing any artwork, or have one area of your home where you could display it. Consider also if you need so many mirrors in your house, do you really need a mirror in your living room or in your hall. Essentials are the bathrooms and bedrooms.

Click on Image to link to Amazon


I don’t endorse leather, although I know many people prefer it.  I do endorse faux leather though, it’s more environmentally friendly and humane, oh and easy clean.  Faux leather today is not like the shiny faux leather of yesterday. I do love fabric sofas, but I find they are just not practical, especially if you have kids or pets, but if you really want fabric sofas, make sure the material is durable, cleanable (even if you have to bring a professional company in for this once a year) and make sure it is stain resistant, many are now pre-treated, if not, you can pay to get yours treated.

Click on Image to link to Amazon


As mentioned, the less clutter, the easier and quicker to clean, so consider furniture that has storage, especially hidden storage, you can buy nice chairs with hidden storage for living rooms and bedrooms or have a sofa with storage.

Click on Image to link to Amazon

Shoe Storage

Do your family (or you) leave shoes strewn in the hallway? Then a nice compact narrow modern shoe storage cabinet should help. It doesn’t take up too much space, eliminates shoe clutter and should be easy to clean too, you can also get wall mounted ones.

Click on Image to link to Amazon

Window Storage

If you have a window recess, picture lovely large sash windows, consider having a window seat installed with storage, you can either purchase or have a lovely custom made one. These can look gorgeous and store plenty.

Click on Image to link to Amazon

Sheds and Garages

Utilise your outside space, if you have a garage or shed, you can store things you rarely use or surplus items. I keep just one of each item in the house and a small stockpile in the shed. For example washing up liquid or liquid soap I keep a supply in the shed, so I am well stocked, but they aren’t taking up space in my kitchen cupboards. I also store excess dishes, cake tins etc. there too.

Click on Image to link to Amazon

Nooks and Crannies

If you have any pipes on show, consider having them boxed in, not only does this look better, its easier to clean too.

Talking of nooks and crannies, these are the areas spiders love. For some reason this year, I have had more spiders in my house than any other year and as soon as you clear a cobweb, they are secretly laughing at you as they build one in the next nook. I have been removing spiders from my house with a great little cheap suction tool from Amazon, it doesn’t hurt the spider and you can release it outside. Click on Image to link to Amazon

If you want to deter spiders from coming inside in the first place, they hate the smell of Rosemary, so either plant some of these herbs outside your doors or in window boxes or use an oil diffuser with Rosemary essential oil. They also hate the smell of vanilla too.

This article may have given you some ideas, but I also suggest, getting a pad and pen and go around each room and area of your home, take a good look and jot down any aspect of that you either hate or find difficult to clean. Ask yourself, what would really help to keep this room in order, is it more storage? Do I need to replace the light fittings? Is my radiator, huge, ugly and outdated? Don’t think about costs at this stage, just do your list. You can sit down later with that list and add any other ideas you think of, or do an internet search for further inspiration.

Then take action on the one thing that bothers you the most, even if that means getting a tin to start a saving goal to achieve that one thing. Consider if there is anything you can do to make your home easier to clean or looking cleaner. Can you paint? are you good at DIY or is your partner or anyone else you know? Cleaning feels like it takes up so much time, if you can cut even minutes of one cleaning task, that is extra minutes you can spend on you or time with your family.

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