Ever thought of having a vision board to manifest your life’s goals and desires?   Just do it, it’s easier than you think.  This post shows you to create and use your Vision Board.

Having completed a Law of Attraction course this year on the Centre for Excellence online learning centre.  I am really trying to implement Law of Attraction (LOA) practices to support my life’s goals and desires.

One of the first things on my LOA practice list was to create a vision board, I didn’t want to cut images out of magazines, mainly because I don’t buy them, I wanted digital images, that I could print and frame to hang on my bedroom wall. 

The main picture (above) is the image I created for my vision board, I purchased a white high gloss frame to display it in.

Step 1 – What is the Vision Board’s Purpose?

Consider what you want your vision board to achieve, and in which areas of your life you want to manifest.  You may want to have one dedicated on manifestation in one area only, such as finances or a love relationship.  I chose all areas of my life; career, love relationship, finances, health, home, pet etc.   You can choose images in; health, love, friendships, career, finances, dream home, pets, spirituality, relaxation or anything specific you want.  I want raised vegetable beds to grow my own vegetables, so one of my images includes that.  Also, I love reading, and one of my images shows a lovely comfy chair with a beautiful view, where I picture myself reading more.  Once you know the areas you want to include, you can move on to Step 2.

Step 2 – Choose Your Images

I recommend spending the most time on this, because these are the images you will be looking at each day, that will inspire you to reach for your goals and desires, so take your time.  When choosing an image, connect with it, does it make you feel excited, joy, love, motivation?  If it does, then that’s the image you should use.  For a wide range of free images go to Unsplash.com, Pixabay.com or Pexels.com  I even chose a picture of a couple walking a dog, because I want a dog in my life. Don’t forget to add some inspiring quotes to your vision board, that mean something to you, that motivate and inspire you, just google ‘inspiring quotes’.

Step 3 – Create Your Template

I used Canva.com, it has lots of free templates to use to create your digital vision board.  I used the ‘Mood Board Photo Collages’ template, it’s perfect for creating vision boards.  There are many other free templates, just search ‘vision board’ in Canva.

Add your images to your template in Canva.com, have a play around with it, move images around until it works for you.  If you have never used Canva.com before, just have a play around with the templates, it’s easy to use and with a bit of practice, you can create a beautiful vision for your life with your images.  See here for a beginner’s guide to using Canva.

Step 4 – Printing Your Design

If you have a printer, you can download your finished design from Canva, and print it yourself or have Canva print it and post it to you.  I opted for Canva to do, I purchased an A3 glossy poster size from Canva.com, this cost me £13.50, which may seem expensive for one print, but it is absolutely gorgeous, very professional and worth the small investment for a professional glossy print.

Step 5 – Displaying Your Vision Board

Consider how you going to display your vision board, you may want to display on a memo type board, if you do, I would recommend getting it laminated, you don’t want a dirty vision board.  I chose to frame mine in an A3 white high gloss, clear acrylic front, it has a nice thick box style frame.  My vision board looks beautiful in this.  See here for a similar frame.

Step 6 – Placement of Your Vision Board

This step is to decide where to place it in your home.  It should be somewhere where you see it daily.  I chose to put mine in my bedroom, I see it when I wake up and before I go to bed at night.

Step 7 – How to Use Your Vision Board

Don’t just create and display your vision board, then not look at it.  Use it to visualise, spend just a few minutes each day, looking at your board when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed at night.   Visualise yourself in your chosen images, tune in to your positive emotions, feel them, how good would it be, if this was your life?  

If you have a picture of a beautiful home, imagine living there, how would you feel?  The key to manifesting is to put your request out to the universe, e.g. via your vision board, feel the positive emotions, act ‘as if’ you are already living the life you want, have a ‘knowing’ that your dreams are already manifesting by trusting in the universe, don’t be inpatient, but above all take action towards your goals.

Your Vision Board Final Tip

Don’t rush, take your time, get the right images that inspire you, the right quotes to motivate you, spend as much time as you need collating these.  If your chosen images and quotes both inspire and motivate you, then you will have yourself an effective vision board for manifesting the life you want.  And remember, as your life changes or your desires and goals change, you can easily update your digital vision board with new images.  So go ahead, start creating your vision board today!

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