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On my spiritual journey, I gained an interest in crystals last year.  I find them stunning, magical and comforting.  I admit I did initially purchase many crystals in haste to build up my crystal collection as quickly as I could, this was a mistake!  I have now slowed down and make considered choices before I purchase a crystal.  Crystals have many uses, whether that’s just to admire their beauty, to wash away negative energy or for manifestation.  I use them for all of the above, but this post is about how I use crystals for manifesting wealth.

Prosperity Crystals for Manifesting Wealth

I did a bit of research on the best crystals for wealth and chose them based on a) what I already had (green aventurine, citrine), b) which crystals appealed to me (pyrite) and c) crystals for powering my grid (clear quartz points).

My central crystal is a raw Citrine crystal from the Congo.  If you click on the ‘Citrine’ link, mine is more beautiful than the picture.  Citrine is said to be the crystal for attracting wealth and abundance.  I personally find it to be a beautiful crystal.  It is recommended to use a clear quartz point for the centre of your grid for activation, because this crystal is said to enhance the properties of the nearby crystals and it sends your intention directly up to the universe.  However, I chose to use Citrine for my central crystal, because of its link for attracting wealth and abundance specifically, a clear quartz is not essential.  Citrine appealed more to me and it’s important that you use your intuition when choosing your crystals.

Other crystals used:-

Green aventurine and pyrite are known wealth crystals and the clear quartz points activate the green aventurine and pyrite.

I have kept my crystal grid quite simple and have limited the variety of crystals, I didn’t want it to be too fussy and had limited space.

How I Take Care of My Crystal Grid

Firstly, no-one is allowed to touch my crystal grid.  I don’t want to risk any negative energy entering the grid.

I cleanse my crystal grid once a week with a white sage smudge stick, I ensure the crystals are enveloped in the smoke.  The room feels truly cleansed when I use the white sage, the atmosphere feels strangely pure.

Throughout the week, I sometimes burn white sage incense sticks nearby.

I also regularly thank my crystal grid for bringing me prosperity, whilst truly believing it is manifesting what I want.

How my Crystal Grid is Generating Wealth

I have my wealth crystal grid in my living room, I did create one last year, but didn’t really know what I was doing, so I have now purchased some clear quartz points to enhance my grid.  I have cleansed, reprogrammed and set my intention to the universe.  

I do believe my previous crystal grid worked as opportunities presented themselves to me in terms of saving money, particularly on my bills.  I also managed to save over £1000 since creating my first crystal wealth grid in 2019, something I have never achieved before.  

Many of the signs that the crystal grid was working were not initially obvious to me, because you imagine a truck load of money (maybe not) landing outside your home, when you want to manifest money.  But having reviewed my finances, there are many subtle but definite signs that my crystal grid, both last year and my newly created one work and continue to manifest.

Here is a list of how my finances have increased in 2019/20:-

  • First, I was presented with an opportunity for a lower rate fixed mortgage from my bank, this saved me £42 per month.  I did not approach my bank, the offer simply appeared on my online bank page.
  • I then spotted a deal which was £30 a month cheaper for cover I have for my boiler, electrics, plumbing and drainage, I changed from £52 per month to a £22 a month.  
  • I realised I had been paying an additional £6 per month on my home insurance, which was already covered in my electrics, plumbing and drainage cover, so I cancelled this.  
  • I realised I had already spotted the overpayment on my home insurance in 2018 and wrote to them to cancel and received an acknowledgement that they had cancelled, but they had continued to take the £6 per month out, so they refunded about £90 back to me.
  • Also for some reason my monthly water meter payment has reduced from £36 to £32, I don’t know why as I don’t feel like I’m using less water.  
  • More recently, I switched gas and electric provider, reducing from £90 per month to £69.  Again, I did not seek this, but this particular advert kept appearing on my computer randomly on websites and You Tube, I just couldn’t ignore it.
  • About 4 weeks ago, I got told I am getting a pay rise of approximately £50 per month and this will be backdated to April 2020.  I have just received £300 backpay.

The above is a total monthly saving of £103 a month with an increase in income of £50, taking my increased funds to £153 per month, plus my £300  backpay.  

So since doing my crystal grids, I am £153 a month better off, that’s £1836 per year.  Coincidence? maybe, but regardless, somehow the universe has answered my request, all be it in subtle ways, but nevertheless significant.  Sometimes the universe grants you your wish in these subtle ways and sometimes it is not in the way you want and always obvious.  

My crystal grid is beautiful, I love it, it is not perfect as I still have a lot to learn and I do want to print a crystal grid template from the internet to enhance it.  

I next plan to do a relationship crystal grid in my bedroom, I am just carefully deciding on the best crystals before I purchase.

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