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What is a Psychic Shopping List?

A Psychic shopping list is a Law of Attraction practice, I am using this for manifesting.  My Spiritual Psychotherapist gave me this to do as ‘homework’.  It is a request to the universe of my wants and desires.  Some may call it law of attraction scripting for manifestation, call it what you will, it is a way of asking the universe for what you want.

How to Write a Psychic (or Law of Attraction) Shopping List

I have limited my shopping list to three items, I don’t want to overwhelm the universe!

Be Very Specific!

Don’t confuse the universe!  If you want more money, don’t just ask for more money.  How do you want to generate that money?  According to the Law of Attraction, the universe may give you more money in the form of more hours at work or having to do a second job.  So be very careful what you ask for, it may conflict with what you really want.  If you want to have more time freedom to spend with family and friends and you ask for more money and the universe increases your working hours (for more money), this will take you away from your family, you will see less of them.  Be explicit and specific, you could ask for more money from a passive or semi-passive income that enables you to leave your 9.00 to 5.00 job, so that you can spend more time with family.  Think it through!

I have a dog on my Psychic shopping list, I have included the fact that I want a rescue dog.  The list includes the dog’s age, colour, temperament, personality, and that it is healthy.  I have tried to think of everything and have left nothing to chance.  Even including that it is toilet trained and loves people and all animals.

Be Realistic!

There is no harm in being ambitious, if you want to be a multi-millionaire, great!  But, if you have no job or savings, be realistic. The law of attraction will bring you what you want in a ‘realistic’ sense which matches your vibration.  If you are homeless or jobless, you are unlikely to have the same vibration as a multi-millionaire.  And your vibration does need to match what it is you want.  Think of manifesting like stepping stones, you manifest one thing, then move on to manifesting the next.  This is also encouraging, as the little things start to manifest, you’re trust grows.  Maybe start with wanting to manifest £1000 per month or £3000 a month, work your way up to millionaire status in stages.

I also have a car on my psychic shopping list.  Being realistic with this, I have asked for a car less than 5 yrs old.  I have specified the colour, make model, engine size, low mileage, well cared for etc.

What to Ask For

Anything you want, but try to be realistic but not too limited.  I have a car and a dog on my psychic shopping list.  These are   things I would like in my life right now.  Since losing my dog, I have tried to get a rescue dog, but have been refused.  Mainly on the fact that I work full time and the dog would be left alone too long which I understand.  Of course there is nothing to stop me going out and buying a pup.  But, I don’t want to fund the puppy market, when there are dogs in need of loving homes.

I am currently working from home, my job is not permanent, if I could get a permanent job working from home or working for myself, I could have a dog no problem.  So my request may be answered in the form of a home-working permanent job.  Which would  then enable me to have a dog.  I am open to how the universe answers my requests.

What are the three main things you would like to manifest in your life right now?

How to use your Psychic / Law of Attraction Shopping List

You can either keep your shopping list with you and read it intermittently.  I prefer to read it just before I go to sleep at night.   I keep it on my bedside table, so I don’t forget.

Read it aloud, I do this before I go to sleep, feel the words, say it strong with conviction.  Feel the emotions you would feel if the universe delivered your shopping.  Finally, trust that it will happen!


Final Thoughts on the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction feels magical, yet makes complete sense.  I believe it works!  Keep practicing and watch what happens.  Also see my post on manifesting wealth with a crystal grid here which shows it works, not always in a ‘parting of the sea’ kind of way, in fact never in that way, but often in subtle ways.


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