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I am late doing my annual 2019/20 goals review, I usually do in July, but there has been a lot happening this year.   I lost at least 6 months due to depression, and side effects of anti-depressants I was taking which left me with zero motivation.  I am now off these and trying to make up for lost time and get back on track.

So it’s now time to review the goals I set for 2019/20, so that I can plan for 2021.  I am going to start my new goals from January 2021 this year. I had 39 life goals last year, some of which were medium and long term and goals I set to achieve in 2019/20.  I have removed the ones that I didn’t plan on focusing on for 2019/20 from this review.  

The immediate thing I noticed, is that I set too many goals, some are very vague and when I started to schedule them into my planner, I immediately feel overwhelmed.  So I will take all of this into consideration when setting my 2021 Goals, which I will be doing shortly.

The goals are broken down in columns; Life Goals, 2019/20 Goals and Habits I need to form to achieve them or progress them and the final column is my review and update.


Life Goal

2019/20 Goal




Have a fit, healthy, toned body

  • Master and Practice Yoga
  • Go gym 4 times week
  • Core exercises at home
  • Learn 1 yoga pose a week
  • Do 1 yoga pose daily
  • Attend weekly Yoga classes

I am going to continue this life goal in 2021.


  • I did not achieve in 2019/20, but have lost 9lb in weight the past couple of months through walks on most days, gradually increasing up to 1 hour a day.
  • I did cancel my gym membership (to save money) and used You Tube workout videos to exercise at home.
  • I have not walked for 2 weeks, I am struggling to get up in the dark mornings to do my walk before starting work.  I am currently looking at sunrise alarms to help me wake up.  I am definitely not a winter person.
  • There has also been a recent stress that has unbalanced me, I am in the process of addressing this stressor.
  • I will be focusing more on weight loss than Yoga next year


Be my healthiest self

  • Meal Planning
  • Meal prepping
  • Healthy snacks
  • No eating after 7.00pm

This is ongoing


  • I do eat healthy anyway, but this goes slightly out the window when I am stressed and this has been a very stressful year.  Yes I am making excuses and I am starting to resolve this.  
  • I do prep my overnight oats these are vegan and low-fodmap and almond butter which I make myself.
  • I plan to purchase some small pots for snacks such as grapes to prep for the week.  
  • I have also purchased a 2.2 Litre Water Bottle to ensure I drink my daily quota.  I was shocked how little I was drinking, sometimes just a quarter of this bottle, but have now reached the full 2.2 litres. 
  • Not eating after 7.00 is hit and miss at the moment.
  • I am also having some issues around food (see Goal No. 8)


Write a Book

  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Write a book plan
  • Research
  • Write 5 chapters
  • 2 x Brainstorming sessions (2 hours)
  • Work on plan (1 hour a week minimum) for 1 month
  • Research for 1 month (1 hour week minimum)
  • Write one chapter within 8 week timescale
  • Schedule above in planner

I will continue with this goal in 2021.


  • I have done some brainstorming and started some chapters, but too many other things going on at the moment, I plan to progress this in 2021.


Mortgage free

Deferred until I am out of personal debt


I will be progressing this in 2021.


  • Although I decided in 2019 to defer this until I am out of personal debt.  I have now decided as from January 2021 I will be overpaying my mortgage by a small amount to start whilst I continue to pay off my personal debt.  I did make  2 or 3 small overpayments in 2020.
  • It looks like I will have no job in March 2021, so I want to get ahead incase I cannot find a job immediately.  Plus having a roof over my head is more of a priority than having no personal debt because I am in a very insecure position at the moment.


£500,000 in savings

Long term goals (15 years)


This amount will be greatly reduced in 2021


  • Looking at this amount now seems  impossible.  I will be changing to a more realistic figure, that’s not to say I won’t change it back in the future.  
  • I have already saved over £1000 emergency money, so just another £499,000 to go 🙂


Successful online business

Medium term 5 yrs


I will be progressing this in 2021


  • I have purchased a new domain, I know what I want to do but there is lots of work to do on this and some financial investment too.


At least 3 passive income sources

  • Brainstorm
  • Explore online selling
  • Write a development plan

Schedule following in planner:

  • Spend 1 hour a week for 1 month brainstorming.  Find and read book relating to passive incomes
  • Spend 1 hour week for 3 months researching
  • Spend 1 hour week for 3 months writing plan on how I am going to get there

I plan to progress this further in 2021


  • I now have a lodger, so that is one source of passive income.
  • I have collated a lot of information around this and have an idea or two.  I have drafted a plan for one  particular idea, I just need the money to implement.  
  • Once I have job security (hopefully) next year, I plan to implement this with a monthly amount allocated towards progressing.


Improve my vegan cooking skills

  • Collate vegan recipes
  • Try 1 new recipe a month

I will continue with this in 2021


  • I have learned three new recipes, which I cook regularly, but I am having gut issues at the moment and am struggling to find things that don’t aggravate my stomach.  
  • I have had some medical tests recently been diagnosed with Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).
  • I have a virtual consultation booked with a nutritionist to help me resolve SIBO.
  • I don’t plan to abandon veganism, I plan to resolve the actual issues I am having with my gut.


Life long learning

  • Read 1 book a month
  • Write list of books to read
  • Schedule 12 books in planner for 2019/20
  • Read what I already own but have
  • Read 15 minutes daily
  • Add to habit tracker

I will try to do this in 2021


  • I don’t always do this.  
  • I have so many books, but work and life just keeps getting in the way.
  • Recently I have been going to bed 30 minutes earlier, just so I can read before I go to sleep.


Develop a website

  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Write a Development Plan
  • Schedule 2 hours per month to work on this

This will be progressed in 2021


  • This is linked to my passive income goal.
  • I have purchased a domain and drafted some ideas. 
  • I have started to populate the website, it is not live yet 
  • This is something I do want to focus on in 2021


Capsule Wardrobe

  • Reduce spending on clothes
  • Simplify life
  • Research how to start a capsule wardrobe with limited budget
  • Only buy what I love
  • Give what don’t love to charity

I will continue to work towards this in 2021


  • I have dramatically reduced my clothes spending.
  • I have collated lots of information on this.
  • I do only buy what I love now, which isn’t much at all.
  • I have sold or donated lots of clothes in 2020, so my wardrobe space is looking good.
  • I am sticking to mainly 3 colours for my wardrobe (black, navy and white)


Minimalist Home

  • Continue to declutter
  • Stop buying new beauty products use what I already have first
  • Declutter 1 item daily
  • Add ‘declutter’ to daily habit tracker

This is ongoing


  • I have decluttered so much this year especially during lockdown.
  • I have reviewed my books again and decluttered about another 15, they are in a bag ready to go to charity.
  • I still have a long way to go, but I am improving all the time.  Things are also much easier to find.


Journal Daily

incorporate into daily habits

  • Add to daily habit tracker

I will continue this in 2021


  • I have done this intermittently.  
  • I have decided doing daily is a bit much, unless I feel like it.  So now plan to do weekly.


Gain a Reiki qualification

  • Research courses
  • Collate information
  • Write Plan

Schedule in Planner following:


  • 1 Hour per month to research for 3 months
  • 1 Hour per month for 3 months to collate information
  • 1 Hour per month for 3 months to write plan, including budget
  • Attend Reiki course

I will probably defer this to 2022


  • I did make enquiries and obtained costs but have not progressed.
  • I also want to have more Reiki sessions myself, but it just won’t be a priority in 2021


Gain an animal care qualification

Medium term goal (5 Year)


I plan to bring this forward to 2021


  • Although this was a medium term goal.  I hope to do a course in 2021.  I have identified a couple I would like to do.


Be debt free

  • Reduce spending
  • Use money to reward small goals achieved and save to pay off debt
  • Increase income
  • Only buy essentials
  • Buy tin for rewards

This is ongoing


  • I have dramatically reduced my spending which has enabled me to save an emergency fund and increase the amount I pay off my debt.
  • I am currently looking for a second job to increase my income and pay off my debts earlier.


Have at least 1 rescue dog

Medium Term goal (5 Year)


I now plan to have a rescue dog in 2021/22


  • Although this was a medium term goal, I am going to bring it forward.
  • I do need to save the money approx £375 to get a rescue dog.  
  • But I also need a permanent job ideally working at home so I can be there for my dog, so am waiting until I secure this.


Be more assertive

  • Practice saying no without guilt
  • Only agree to do things that align with my goals
  • Stop being so nice
  • Research this 1 hour a month for 4 months
  • Put learning into practice

I am only just learning this


  • I didn’t really do anything about this, until recently, when I got fed up with people trying to take advantage of me. 
  • I have now recently stopped trying to help family members who were frankly taking the piss.
  • I have also reflected back and accept that I have just been too nice with some people.
  • I have recently done some personal boundary work which will help me with assertiveness.


Develop my blog

  • Increase number of followers
  • Do WordPress Tutorials
  • Write development plan
  • Produce better quality articles
  • Write at least weekly blog (was previously monthly)
  • Use Blog Planner
  • Schedule Blogs
  • Review and reflect on blog for learning
  • Research tips to improve blog (monthly 1 hour)

This is currently ongoing


  • I drafted a blog review plan and have been reviewing one thing weekly.   
  • I have crossed off about 5 items from a list of 40 aspects I want to improve.  This is slower than I thought, because I am learning as I progress.
  • I am also now writing weekly blogs and trying to schedule them in, rather than writing them the day before.
  • My followers are slowly but steadily increasing.


Get up 5.00 am

  • Research what it takes to get up early
  • Apply what learn
  • Use extra hour to do daily habits and actions towards goals

I have reviewed this and changed to 6.00 am, although in the summer I have sometimes got up at 5.00 am


  • I was getting up at 6.00 am, but recently with the dark mornings am struggling.  
  • I am not going to put pressure on myself, if I get up at 7.00am in winter, then I am fine with that.


Spend more time with people that make me feel good

  • Schedule weekly time in planner for socialising
  • Stick to schedule, no matter how busy I am

This has been difficult to do with the lockdowns, we have had a national lockdown, a local lockdown and are currently in the second national lockdown here in the U.K.  


  • When not locked down I have tried to make the effort to spend time with people I enjoy spending time with and reducing time with people that sometimes drain me.


Have morning and evening routines

  • Draft ideal morning evening routines, then write routines that are practical for me at this time in my life
  • Read routines daily until they become habit
  • Schedule in planner with some on habit tracker if new routine
  • Get up at 5.00am to do morning routine

I want to try to refine and concentrate on having a more productive morning routine in 2021.


  • I have got a morning routine, but I don’t always stick to it.  Must try harder


Do an ideal life vision Board

  • Collate images that reflect my ideal life

Schedule following in planner:

  • Spend 1 hour a month for 3 months researching different formats of Vision Boards
  • Spend 1 hour a month for 4 months putting together Vision Board

This is one goal I have completed

I have created a beautiful Vision Board see post here 


Learn more about Law of Attraction

  • Get ‘The Secret’ book out of loft
  • Read ‘The Secret’
  • Draft plan on how to apply to my life

Schedule time in planner for following:

  • 30 minutes a week to learn about LOA
  • Read ‘The Secret’ in one month
  • Draft plan of practices
  • Put into practice LOA techniques
  • Practice visualisation techniques

I will continue to learn and practice the Law of Attraction in 2021


  • I have managed to get in my loft, but cannot find ‘The Secret’ book, I must have given it away.
  • However, I have completed a Law of Attraction course on 
  • I have incorporated a few practices, such as scripting, I have created my vision board (see Goal No. 23) and also have a Psychic Shopping List I am currently reading each night, see post here


Be fully spiritually awakened

  • Learn different aspects of spirituality
  • Learn to read Tarot Cards (Buy Cards and Beginners Book)

Schedule following in planner, daily / weekly or monthly

  • Daily meditation
  • Daily Journal
  • Shadow Work
  • Self-awareness practice
  • Read up on crystal healing, chakras, etc.
  • Learning Tarot

This is ongoing, I still have so much to learn


  • I have undertook a Tarot course for beginners on  although I have not been practising as much as I should.  
  • I have purchased the Ryder Waite tarot deck and a table cloth.  
  • I have a tarot journal and notebook which I have populated for my interpretations of the tarot cards.  This was time consuming to do but I find it extremely useful when reading the cards 
  • I have read three tarot books for learning, see my favourite one here.
  • I have purchased some new crystals to dispel negative energy and have created a new wealth crystal grid for manifestation, see post here
  • I am now listening to binaural beats daily, rather than meditation and have found this really helps with my anxiety.  See post here
  • I now use white sage sticks and incense sticks daily, I find this cleanses the atmosphere in my home and helps with my anxiety, its a lovely smell that helps me to feel good
  • I am getting therapy at the moment and have been doing inner child work.  There is still lots for me to learn and I want to focus on practising tarot and learning more about crystal healing for 2021.
  • I hope in the future to do more spirituality courses.
  • More recently I have started to learn about natal birth charts.


Be my best self

  • Practice Mindfulness
  • Practice self-compassion

Schedule following in planner:

  • Read The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion book and do practices
  • Do list of different types / examples of mindfulness
  • Do list of types / examples of self-compassion and self-care
  • Daily mindful practices
  • Daily self-compassion practices

This particular action was achieved but the life goal is ongoing


  • I have read The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion and was meditating, but now listen to binaural beats.
  • I am learning to love myself and doing self care practices to reinforce this including mantras, crystal baths and the Law of Attraction Mirror technique.  I am also working my way through a self-love workbook
  • This life goal is so broad, I will narrow down further for 2021.

Theses are the bad habits I planned to eliminate in 2019/20with updates:


  • I am still smoking, but purchased The Easy Way for Women to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr book, I have yet to read. 
  • I have cut down, most days I smoke between 12 and 15 cigarettes, this was previously at least 20 a day. 
  • I plan to give up in 2021

Wasting Time

  • I do still waste time, but nowhere near as much as I used to.
  • Despite a shaky first 6 months of the year, I have achieved more in 2020 than in any other year, so I am obviously doing something right.  
  • I try to link actions to my goals, then break them down into small tasks and put in my daily Law of Attraction planner or goal planner.
  • There is still room for improvement here though, especially the early morning times before I start work.


  • I am definitely still guilty of this, but am much better at getting the most important things done.

Self Doubt

  • It is a long road to eliminate self-doubt and I am unsure if I will ever completely eliminate, but again I have improved and hope my therapy, and inner child work will further develop this.
  • I have also been doing some work on my core beliefs too, so this should help.


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