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Self-care comes in many forms, I prefer to make some everyday things in to Spiritual Self-Care Practices. Some may consider getting their hair or nails done, or putting a face mask on as self-care and they are right.   Here are my 9 favourite simple spiritual self-care practices, that help me to keep in balance and connected to my true (spirit) self.  Some of these are simple everyday practices which can be made into more spiritual experiences.

1.  Meditation

In this world, stress and challenges have become a normal part of everyday life, so much so that we lose who we truly are.  Meditation is one way to connect to your true self.  Meditation is I believe a key spiritual self-care practice.

Although I haven’t done standard meditation for a while, as I now listen to binaural beats (see post ‘Why I Gave up Meditation for Binaural Beats) with my headphones before going to sleep and sometimes when I wake.  It does not matter how you meditate, whether that’s sitting in silence, listening to meditation music or guided meditation, focusing on your breath or a candle’s flame.  The whole idea is that you sit or lay quietly, experiencing each moment fully without judgement or expectation.  Letting your thoughts come and go, and with practice you will start to quiet your mind and connect to your inner spirit.

I was talking to someone recently who suffers from anxiety, I suggested that he meditate, but he looked blankly at me.  I think most people have the wrong perception of meditation, you don’t have to chant, or levitate.  It is just time with yourself to help clear your mind of the stresses and strains of modern life and reconnect with your true self.  When you first start to meditate you question what good it is doing, but as you progress, you become aware how much better you feel and you miss it if you don’t meditate.  Just 5 minutes a day is a great start.

Just make sure if you meditate to music that the music makes you feel good.  I have sometimes started a meditation and found the music too much or strangely unsettling, I just switch if off and find another.  I either visualise whilst listening to binaural beats or just tune in to a feeling of gratitude.  You Tube is full of great meditative music and guided meditations.

2.  Bathing

Whilst bathing may not seem like a spiritual self-care practice, I make it so.  I do this at least once a week as a minimum, but try to do each time I bathe, unless I’m pushed for time.  Although, if I am feeling stressed, anxious or a bit low, I make time for this.  I put my favourite vegan natural bubble bath in, either epsom or himalayan salts with my favourite crystals usually a couple of pieces of raw natural (non-polished) rose quartz and / or a couple of raw pieces of smokey quartz crystals placed near my feet.  The rose quartz is for self-love and the smokey quartz is to remove negative energy.  I sometimes place a piece of rose quartz on my heart chakra whilst in the bath.

I switch the lights off and light a  candle, burn a white sage incense stick and put some healing meditation music on my iphone, close my eyes and zone in to feelings of gratitude and self-love.  Whilst in a state of gratitude, I always thank my angels for guiding me along my journey.  I sometimes say affirmations (in my mind), my favourite is “I am lovable, I am loving, I am loved”.  I make sure I lay there between 30-40 minutes.  For me, this is one of the best rituals for relaxation.  Once out of the bath I put some body lotion on and relish in how good I feel.

3.  Crystal Healing

Having accumulated a few crystals the past couple of years and using them in a variety of ways, as mentioned I use them in the bath.  I also keep rose quarts on my bedside table for love, including self-love.  I have clear quartz next to two pieces of raw rose quartz in my bathroom.  I keep amethyst  with my tarot cards for protection, citrine which I keep in my living room as the centre piece for my wealth crystal grid and black tourmaline orgone pyramid which I keep facing my front door to keep negative energy away.  I make sure my crystals are kept clean, by enveloping them in white sage smoke once a week, using either a smudge stick or incense stick.  After using my crystals, I thank them (3 times) for helping me.   I may do this by touching or holding them.  They make me feel good.  I also use them for manifesting, see post ‘How My Crystal Grid Is Manifesting Wealth.’

4.  Journaling

When I first started journaling, I was quite negative, I used it to get things off my chest, but now when I journal, I make sure it is positive.  When I look back at my old entries, I sound like a psycho bitch, over emotional and blaming others for my hurt.  Now, if I am a bit negative because someone has hurt me, I make sure I finish my entry with compassion and forgiveness for that person, this makes me feel so much better than ending it with anger.  I write the things and people I am grateful for in my life.  I use this 5 minute journal.

5.  Reading (something spiritual)

Reading does not initially come to mind when you think of spiritual self-care practices.  There are many that would not consider reading as spiritual, I would dispute that.  I suppose it all depends if you love reading or not.  I happen to love reading and books.  Some books just make you feel good, some I go back to when I need reminding of spiritualism.  The Celestine Prophecy is one, The Alchemist, The Four Agreements and Twelve Lessons.  The book you read does not have to be a spiritual book, as long as it makes you feel good and is uplifting.  I also love Infinite Possibilities, it gets me fired up to believe anything is possible, I find it a very motivating law of attraction book.

6.  Walking in Nature

This is one, I don’t often do as often as I should, where I live, there is not much nature and I simply don’t make the effort to travel to get to nature, it is difficult because I haven’t got a car, but this is one of my new intentions.  When I do walk and my mood is low or I am anxious, during and after a walk I feel exhilarated yet relaxed.  I love to watch animals as I walk, whether it’s birds or squirrels, they just add to the experience.  It is not the walking but observing nature that makes this a spiritual self-care practice.

7.  Spending Time with Animals

Some may argue spending time with animals is not a self-care practice, again I would disagree.  Animals are like humans, we are all spiritual beings, they are beautiful and super spiritual.  Spending time with animals, whether it’s petting them, or playing with them are all spiritual self-care practices.  When I volunteered at an animal sanctuary, although it was hard work (mucking out), it would just fill me with love.  Animals need compassion and affection and they nearly always show it back.  After volunteering, I would feel so full of love and gratitude it would make me feel amazing.  During and after the work was done at the sanctuary, I would try to spend time with as many of the animals, just connecting with them, trying to energetically emit love for them.

If you have or have had a pet, you will know exactly what I mean.  You can’t help but feel love when you are around animals.  They pick up on this energetically and return the love to you.  It’s a win win!  I lost my dog two years ago, I miss him every day.  It was my dog that opened me up to spirituality, I don’t know why but he did.  He epitomised what we are all here for; to give and accept love!

8.  Spend Time with Your Favourite People

Spiritual self-care practices come in all forms, connecting with people a spiritual practice in itself.  Spending time with your favourite people is taking care of your spirit.  Some of these are children, because like animals they are innocent and offer unconditional love.  They are playful and keep you young.  I like to revert to the child I once was when I am around them.  Often that means acting daft and silly, making the most of every moment and enjoying this precious time you have.  To see children laughing is a privilege, it gives you an inner smile which lasts beyond play time.

Even my favourite adults are childlike, I feel my best when I act childlike, this is different from acting immature.  It is making the most of each moment, laughing and being silly.  The natural love inside you emits around you, so that others pick up on it.

9.  Decluttering

For me, decluttering is an essential element of taking care of your spirit.  I have been decluttering for a number of years now (yes I had a lot of stuff).  But my materialism has dramatically reduced, I used to be obsessed with ‘stuff’.  Now I only buy things I need or really love.  As time has gone on, I am getting more ruthless with my decluttering.  As someone who always had a hard time letting go of things, I have come a long way.

We all know the gorgeous ‘light’ feeling when your space is clean and clutter free.  For me, this is on ongoing process.  I scan all my paperwork and I have given so many things away.  I  now use what I have before purchasing new things or try to repair things.  For example I have so many body lotions, I am working my way through them.  Only when I have run out and only then, will I buy a new one.  I have a cabinet full of vitamins and supplements, I am taking these everyday to clear my cabinet space too.  Using what I already have is also saving me money.

What are your ‘go to’ spiritual self-care practices?

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