Well, as the title says this is an update on my blog improvement review.  I did do a blog review back in August 2019, see post ‘Time for a Blog Review’ but it covered a lot of what I failed to do in terms of my blog improvement.  It is only now, I am starting to take this more seriously.

I really don’t know what I am doing, so I am learning as I go along, for this reason this has taken me a lot longer than I had anticipated. I have created a template, to assist me undertake my review, it is broken down into areas and helps me keep track, it will also makes it easier to repeat in future.  The template will probably change and develop in future, as I hope I will.  I guess you could call this Phase 1 of my blog improvement, and I hope my reviews will get more sophisticated as I learn more.

Blog Overview: Things I noticed

I first started my blog review by just having a general look at my website initially without looking at a particular area to improve.  This included reading some of my pages and blogs and I found the following:-


I did notice way too many typos, some where clearly autocorrected, that I had not checked.  Shame on me!

Grammar Mistakes

Yep, there were / are grammar mistakes too.  Double Shame!

Page / Blog Status

Some pages / blogs status were ‘private’ when they should have been ‘public’.  Beyond Shame!

Unfinished or drafted blogs / pages

I was a little surprised to see I had  a number of blogs and pages completely unfinished.  It’s like I was writing them and got distracted and forgot about them.  I have finished and scheduled a number of them and deleted others.  I still have a few more to do and am currently working on these.

Confusion: Content Clarity and Conciseness

Some of my posts went around the houses to make a point.  This is something I need to work on and improve, repeat after me ‘must write with clarity and conciseness’, ‘must write with clarity and conciseness’, oh and stop repeating myself.

Blog Post Categories

I noticed I had too many categories for my blogs, some blog posts were linked to lots of categories.  I guess I wanted to take the approach of ‘less is more’.  Some categories were more like duplicates, for example I had a ‘Health’ category and a ‘Wellbeing’ category, I decided to combine these into one, so now have a ‘Health & Wellbeing’ category.  I also had a ‘Making Changes’ category with a sub-category of ‘Goals’, I removed the ‘Goals’ and just kept the ‘Making Changes’ category.

Missing Links

There were quite a few blogs in which I reference other websites, articles and products, but there were no links to these, I know these links are helpful to readers.  This also included references to earlier related blog posts I had written, but I had failed to add links.  This was a little time consuming, and I have not checked every blog at this point, but will continue to do and add any relevant links in.

Tags Needed Improvement

This general overview, has reminded me, as I write blogs to bare the above things in mind, so next time I do a review, there will (hopefully) be a lot less to do.  Typos for instance are basic that I should be getting right at the time of writing or proofreading

Blog Improvement: Things I have reviewed so far:-


I played around with different themes.  Having tried a couple of different ones over the past two years, I decided to stick with the one I currently have.

Tag Line

I did do a bit of brainstorming for a new tagline, but came to the conclusion I was happy with the one I have got ‘Be inspired on a journey for change’

Akismet Plug-in

I checked I have Akismet plug-in and I do, it helps to eliminate comment spam.

Back up

I checked I have a back up plug in and I have, Jetpack, not sure this is the best one.  In future I will research to see if there are any better ones out there.


I added a ‘Pages’ widget and ‘Top Posts and Pages widgets.  I will review these in the future, as I don’t want my site to look too cluttered.

The next phase is to improve the quality of my site content.  I will first do this by reading and trying to improve past blogs, whilst trying my best to improve my future blogs.  Revisiting a piece of work with fresh eyes does help you to see what could be improved.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

I am also trying to learn more about SEO (search engine optimisation), I am doing an SEO course on Skillshare.com.  SEO is new to me, so I have a lot to learn.  I will be drafting a plan specifically for SEO improvement.  I have no intention at this stage in getting an expert in, I like to learn myself.  If I hit a brick wall or find my improvements are not having much affect, then I would consider in the future.  But, for now to keep costs down I will attempt to educate myself and learn as I go along.  My first tasks for this will be to SEO my images, headings and titles.  This is only the first stage of SEO for me because I think (I may be wrong) theses are the easiest for me at my beginner level.

I have bookmarked lots of articles from WordPress, Neil Patel and Backlinko.com as I found these to have an amazing amount of useful advice on their sites and I am sure I will be spending a lot of time on their sites as part of my blog improvement.

I would be grateful to hear any comments regarding whether my site is visually pleasing.  Or any other feedback / comments for that matter.



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