I recently undertook a review and update of my 2019/20 Goals Review and Update  for what I wanted to achieve in 2021. I reduced my original goals down from 39 to 26. However, I have now reduced down to just 12 goals and added an additional one or two goals in the areas I want to focus on in 2021. This is due to me simply having too many goals each year and I either don’t start or don’t finish some. My aim in 2021 is to achieve all 12 goals, that’s one a month, although most will take a consistent approach over the year ahead. Some of these 12 goals also have sub-goals.

I have not completely dismissed my original 39 goals, they have just been parked for now whilst I focus on making the changes that will (hopefully) have the biggest impact on my life and where I want to be.

I am now more optimistic that I can achieve my 12 goals for 2021.  All I have to do now is schedule them in with realistic timescales, particularly as some of them require me to save money to achieve them, because of this, I will also be budgeting for these throughout the year.

So here are my 12 limited goals


Life Goal

2021 Goals



Financial Freedom

£2000 Emergency Fund

  • Monthly Budget of £100 for Emergency Fund
  • Transfer £100 into Emergency Savings each pay day

Pay off credit card (£559)

  • Monthly Budget of £100 (minimum) to clear credit card by 31st May 2020

Mortgage Overpayments of £1000

  • Monthly Budget of £100 (minimum) for mortgage overpayment starting January 2021
  • Transfer £100 (minimum) to Mortgage account each pay day.


Physical Fitness

Lose 1 stone in weight

  • Do You Tube Fitness videos x 4 times week
  • Do daily 30 minute walks
  • Do intermittent fasting 7.00pm to 7.00 am


Physical Health

Cure SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth)

  • I have recently been diagnosed with SIBO, a condition which is difficult but not impossible to treat.
  • I am awaiting a virtual consultation to decide on a treatment plan


Home Maintenance

Replace 2 x windows and 1 Door

  • I had not done much in the way of maintenance to my home for the past 6 years until 2020.
  • I now plan to do maintenance jobs each year.  I am in desperate need of replacing 2 x windows and a door, so plan to get them done by August / September 2021

New Fascia Boards

  • My Fascia boards are also in need of replacement, I have been quoted a price, so will save and hope to have this done by the end of 2021


Write a Book

Write 5 Chapters

  • Write chapter 1 by end March
  • Write chapter 2 by end May
  • Write chapter 3 by end July
  • Write chapter 4 by end September
  • Write chapter 5 by end November


At least 3 passive income sources

Create a passive income

  • I do have an idea to create a passive income.
  • Once I have job security (hopefully) by March / April 2021, I plan to implement my action plan with a monthly amount allocated towards progressing a passive income.


Develop a website

Develop new website

I have purchased a domain and drafted some ideas.

  • I have started to populate the website, it is not yet live 


Gain an animal care qualification

Complete animal care online course

  • I have identified a course I want to start in animal care.
  • I plan to start this no later than April 2021


Develop my blog

Increase number of followers

Write better quality articles

  • Explore further ideas for blog development and implement
  • Improve and develop my writing skills
  • Learn SEO (search engine optimisation) via Skillshare courses and research.


Learn more about Law of Attraction

Read my Law of Attraction Books again and apply practice

I will continue to learn, practice and develop the Law of Attraction in 2021


Continue Self-healing journey

Continue inner work

Continue self-love work

Learn more about shadow work

  • I plan to do this work on a weekly basis for at least 1 hour.
  • I plan to read at least 4 books on psychology / inner child healing / shadow work / self-love.
  • I plan to learn more and do inner child healing techniques including; breath work, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), visualisations, boundary work, reprogram my core beliefs and anything else that will aid my healing.
  • I also want to learn more about healing the nervous system to further support my inner child healing


Be fully spiritually awakened

Learn different aspects of spirituality

  • I plan to do one spiritual online course in 2021.
  • I have identified a number of potential courses.
  • I plan to do obtain Reiki 1 and 2 qualifications in 2021
  • I will continue to learn tarot reading in 2021 by learning on Skillshare.com and practising.

Bad Habits to eliminate:

  • Smoking


My 2021 Goals are much simpler and there are far less of them than in previous years, I am hoping I will achieve them all in 2021.  I really don’t know where my motivation has come from this year (since August), particularly since starting inner child work.  

Has therapy has turned things around for me?  I know a lot of people think therapy is a waste of time, I agree to a point, just talking about your issues is not enough.  But my therapy is different, my therapy really educates me in psychology.  I have learned so much, I get homework to do, it is proactive because I often do much more than the homework I receive.  I am curious and fascinated and am making associations why people behave the way they do.

Looking back now, I have wasted so many years not working towards the things I want.  In many areas not knowing what I want.  It seems the more I do, the more I want to do.  I feel I am only now starting to make progress towards my life goals.  The strangest thing is, even if I have days when I feel low, I continue to work on my goals.  My mood may cause me to do a bit less but my drive is always there.  Whereas in the past, my mood has dictated my actions or lack of, I could waste a whole day because of it.  

Now each day some progress is made, I just find this very strange, am I healing? or am I just so driven to turn my life around? who knows!  Knowing that even the tiniest action is progress towards my goals.  Each time I tick off a goal oriented task, it fuels my motivation further.

I do a monthly reflection in my planner and each month I list 10 things I have achieved in the previous month, I am at the point where I can easily list 12-15 achievements, I used to struggle to write 5.


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