These are products I use and recommend, if you give them a try, hope you like them too.  I will be adding to these in the future.  Some are Amazon purchases, others are not, please note I do belong to the Amazon Affiliate Programme, so do not make any money, these are products I use and recommend only.

Vegan Beauty Products

‘Yes To’ Coconut Lip Balm

I just can’t be without a nice moisturising lip balm, this is my favourite and it’s vegan!

Poppy Austin Mascara

This is a vegan mascara, you don’t have to be vegan to use this.  I always struggled to find a mascara before I went vegan, I wish I had discovered this earlier, it does not irritate my eyes at all, even if I sleep in it.  It doesn’t smudge, yet is easy to remove so you are not dragging your eye lids when removing.  Your lashes also still feel soft when wearing it, unlike some mascaras that make your lashes hard.  Love Love Love it!

Gaya Mascara

You are probably wondering why I use two mascaras, well, the Gaga mascara I use for my top lashes, this is fabulous for giving you thicker longer lashes, however, I like a lighter tough on my bottom lashes, hence the Poppy Austin mascara for that.


Things that Keep me Organised!

Translucent A4 10 Part Notebook

This is the notebook I use for brainstorming ideas, research notes and drafting plans before I put in my planner, it has 10 sections with plenty of paper.  I love the fact that it has 10 sections.

Frixion Ultra Fine Pens

I use these pens because they are erasable, so I use in my undated planner so that it can be used over and over again, economical or what?  The ink disappears if you put your planner, note book etc. in the microwave, please be aware though, not all planners and notebooks can be microwaved depending on the material.  The planner I use cannot be microwaved, but I have microwaved other notebooks.  Refills, different colours and nib thicknesses are also available.  I use some nice coloured ones, when I want to make my planner look ‘pretty’ 🙂

Law of Attraction Planner

I have to say, yes this is expensive, but the best planner I have ever had, it makes me more productive.  It is undated, I use erasable Frixion pens, so can use year after year.  It also has a monthly reflective section, which I find really useful, as I struggle to keep up with my daily journal and you can look back in your planner on what you have achieved in the past month to prompt reflection.  There is plenty of space in the monthly reflection for Ideas and notes, I find this helps me plan the month ahead.  There is also a section to plan your month ahead, which you can use to fill in your daily planner to ensure you are working towards your monthly goals.  Please note this version cannot be placed in microwave to remove Frixion ink, but I believe there are microwaveable ones available too.

Canon MG3050 Printer and Scanner

I mainly use this to scan documents, to reduce hard copies of bills, statements and other documents.  I looked for a scanner and found they were expensive, this worked out much cheaper and has a printer too, it’s quite small and compact which is a bonus.