If I Ruled The World!

Photo by Yash Raut on Unsplash


These are some of the things I would implement if I ruled the world!


Education would be reformed, starting with religion.  Religion would be taught for understanding only of the six main religions; Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Islam.  There would not be focus on one religion, if parents want to teach their children one particular religion, excluding all others they could do in their own time, not by using tax payers money.  Pupils of all religious faiths would be allowed in all schools, there would be no exclusions.

Religious teachings in schools would not account for more than 10% of education.  Instead time would be spent teaching real life skills, including; living ethically, budgeting, mental health, coping skills, sex education, global warming, sustainability, the impact of capitalism, compassion and respect for all beings (not just human) and above all independent thinking.

There would be monthly speakers from all walks of life, who will speak on drugs, alcohol, drink driving and the most common forms of criminality to educate children on their negatives and impacts, not just physical but psychological.  Real life reformed ex-drug users / addicts, alcoholics, convicted drink drivers and ex criminals would speak about the uncomfortable brutal truth, including how bad things got for them.  Part of the aim would be to change cultures around the glamorisation of all forms of criminality, and that the law will catch up with them.  Family members or friends willing to speak about the suicide of a family member or friend whilst in prison would be brought in.  Meeting people from all backgrounds can show that people who live an honest life, can be ‘cool’.



It would be compulsory for at least 30% of television media to provide educational programmes, at least 20% of this should be about health, and must include documentaries around plant based diets and the biggest cause of environmental damage,(currently animal agriculture) with a recommended list of documentaries which  would include the following amongst others, with a minimum of three of these being scheduled at least three times per year:

H.O.P.E. – What you eat matters




Land of Hope and Glory

Forks over Knives

What The Health



I would ban advertisements of all non-healthy food and drinks, it is madness to advertise things that may cause you harm or lead to your death.  If you ever doubt the effects of advertising, why is it a multi-million pound industry?  Healthy foods and drinks would be advertised instead of putting unhealthy messages in people’s brains.

All products made by harming animals would not be allowed to advertise, sorry Hermes hand bags.  You do not need to kill animals for bags, gloves, coats, shoes etc, we have technology now where you can make faux leather products, its cheaper, no animals are enslaved, abused or killed and it’s difficult to tell them from real leather (animal skin), how wonderful is that?  

Working Week

No-one would work more than 30 hours per week, giving every person more time to spend quality time with family / friends, pursue hobbies, relax, educate themselves, obtain or maintain fitness or volunteer some time to a good cause.

Remember governments want you to be busy, work long hours, be stressed and in debt, it keeps you ‘occupied’ that’s why it’s called an ‘occupation’, because populations with time on their hands and nothing to lose are a higher risk of starting a ‘revolution’, a scary word for governments.

Treatment of Animals

I would fund an independent investigation to determine a) if any animal testing is effective or essential and b) if there are equal or more effective alternatives to animal testing.  This would serve to show the public the truth.  All ineffective or non-essential animal testing would be banned, if alternative testing costs more money, then that would be a price well worth paying.  

I am not an expert by any means, but suspect the investigation may show the majority if not all animal testing is ineffective and with advances in science, there shouldn’t be any need to test on animals.  I believe most if not all is outdated and unnecessary.  Whilst animal testing is being phased out, CCTV would be fitted in all animal laboratories.

There would be a phased programme to stop factory farming and a support programme to help farmers and slaughter houses transition their business to more healthy, ethical and sustainable products without harming, torturing or killing animals or the planet.

There would be compulsory training for all owners of newly acquired dogs, this would include training for dogs including socialising and training for owners too.  There would be restrictions on dog breeding, to prevent novices doing just to make money who really don’t care about the dogs.  Breeders would have to attend a comprehensive training course at their own expense, some may say this will push breeders underground, there are already plenty of underground breeders, they don’t care about the dogs, they just care about their profits.  Illegal breeders should in my opinion be put in prison, the psychological as well as physical damage they cause dogs can last a lifetime.

Zoos would be abolished, you will pay a small fee to visit animal sanctuaries where you can interact with the animals or volunteer.

All stray dogs above 6 months old would be neutered.


The subsidisation of animal agriculture would cease, this would be done in stages and whole food plant based producers would be subsidised (for a duration) instead, to encourage more of them.  In the UK, subsidies would be funded using savings made by the NHS due to people being healthier as a result of other implementations previously mentioned.  There will be less diabetes type 2, cardiovascular disease and many other diseases including cancers.  There would be less people on disability benefits, as people get healthier, the need will be reduced.

There would be a prescription only programme for smokers.  Existing smokers would only be able to obtain cigarettes through prescriptions, the cost would remain the same as currently purchasing a pack of cigarettes.  But this would prevent new people from starting to smoke.

Money that currently goes to The British Heart Foundation, Diabetes and cancer charities could be reduced dramatically, because we already know how to reduce heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers, by eating a whole food plant based diet, the money charities have would be used to cure diseases and cancers not related to lifestyle choices.  There would then be more money to help developing countries recover from the damage we have done, and to fund animal sanctuaries for the rescued animals that were bred for slaughter.  Animal numbers will naturally decline without the help of man’s artificial insemination methods, nature will be as it is intended.

Certain industries would be non-profit making; water, pharmaceuticals etc.  any profits made would need to go back into the industry, research and aiding developing countries.  The reason the pharmaceutical industry would need to be non-profit making is because they currently make a lot of money from people being sick, this is a serious conflict of interest, no-one should make profits of sick people, that is sick in itself.  Neither should a company make profits from making you sick in the first place.


I would make it illegal for private organisations to fund political parties, political parties would be funded by the government even if they are in opposition, all political parties would get an equal amount of capped funding, then if they want to squander it on ‘expenses’ they would have little left to fund their ‘cause’.  There would be no conflicting interests, e.g. funding from pharmaceuticals or meat producers causing politicians to hide the truth or lie because the don’t want to lose their funding. Ultimately we will pay for them, and if they don’t hit the mark we don’t vote, if they break the law, they will lose all funding.

In the U.K. there is currently public funding for political parties to fund policy development if you meet certain criteria from the Electoral Commission, this would be their only source of funding.  

Final Thoughts

There are many things missed off this wish list, these are just some of the things I would change, obviously these are high-level ideas, the details and practicality for some may be more difficult, but if I ruled the world these would definitely be my ambitions.

Some may say some of these ideas are controlling, I would say that you need to control a ‘mad dog’ or governments and capitalists to be precise.  Governments use distraction tactics to steer you away from the truth, for example, the truth of the animal producing industry, this is why they feed mainstream media with scare stories.  Stories of other governments / leaders plotting to drop weapons of mass destruction on us, the refugee crisis and far too much time is given to joke entertainers such as Donald Trump, I live in the U.K. why is the news here dominated by Donald Trump?  I stopped watching the news about 8 months ago because I got sick of the same ‘misrepresentations’ of the truth churned over and over again, it gets boring, so I decided to find my own truth.

These are my idealisations, I am not a scientist or economic expert, but a human being who wants to see less suffering, pain and disease in the world for ALL beings.



5 Catalysts That Made Me Go Vegan(ish)!

Photo by Josua De on Unsplash

Twelve months ago, if anyone would of told me I would go vegan(ish), I would of said ‘WTF’, yet in the past six months, my mindset has changed completely.   Firstly, the reason I say vegan(ish), is because I am vegetarian, moving towards veganism.  I don’t eat meat, eggs, milk, but have the odd occasion over the past 6 weeks or so had a small amount of chocolate and crisp that contain milk (yes this did cause me to go on a guilt trip).  I have found having a vegan lifestyle a challenge, mostly because I simply wasn’t prepared, and the times I have not planned or been prepared are the times I have failed, but I continue with my vegan aim.  However, I am now learning more about vegan friendly products and foods.

I don’t believe anyone changes overnight, I believe seeds are planted, these seeds grow, often without you realising, before you make a change.  These little seeds, some seemingly insignificant on their own, can be the catalyst to making a change.  After some reflection, I have realised the following 5 events / occasions were when those seeds were being planted for my vegan journey:

Catalyst No. 1 – Healthy eating

I made a decision earlier this year (2018), that I wanted to eat healthier, I started doing smoothie’s and generally eating what I thought were healthy foods, organic grass fed meat (whenever I could) and goats milk kefir, wild caught salmon etc.  I started my ‘healthy eating’ in January and started to gain weight because I thought I could have as much ‘healthy’ food as I wanted ………. WRONG, I was having up to 4 smoothies a day, not as meal replacements but as drinks in between meals, using lots of fruits including avocados, berries, bananas etc., most of these fruits once blended increase in sugar, yes it is natural sugar, but it has higher calories.  I was also  having Natures Path Nice and Nobbly Granola as a snack, I just have to squeeze in here, this granola is the best I have ever tasted, which by the way, I could not tolerate (because of the oats).  I was using lots of honey (before my vegan days), and baking peanut butter cookies etc.  What I didn’t realise is, yes whilst these are healthy, they can become unhealthy if you don’t use in moderation, lesson number 1 learnt!

Catalyst No. 2 – Forks Over Knives

Realising I had much to learn about healthy eating, I watched the Forks Over Knives documentary about healthy eating, this planted the first seed (no pun intended) for a plant based diet.  It was watching this documentary that made me realise we really don’t need animal foods in our lives, either for survival or health, in fact, we could be healthier without eating animal products.  This was a bit of a revelation for me, although I knew of vegetarians and vegan’s I had not really delved in to the impressive health benefits of a whole food plant based diet.

Catalyst No. 3 – My Dog Dying

This was probably the most significant seed for me, my dog’s premature death (age 3) shook my world.  Having never owned a dog before, I didn’t even consider the emptiness his passing would leave, this really was life changing for me.  This led me into watching You Tube videos of dogs, funny ones to start with to cheer myself up, then animal rescue videos, which made me cry but warmed my heart, then dogs and other animals rescuing and helping other animals and people.  This made me realise, just like people there are some very special animals out there, these videos are magical to watch and helped to restore my faith in there being a reason why we are all here, including animals.

Catalyst No. 4 – Earthling Ed

From watching animal videos, I came across a video by Earthling Ed, called  ‘You Will Never Look at Your Life the Same Way Again – Eye Opening Speech‘ I am not going to say much more, just watch it and then you will start to question the world in which we live.  This video really changed my mindset and made me want to educate myself about what is really going on.  It was this that led me to Catalyst No. 5.

Catalyst No. 5 – Earthlings

Be warned, the documentary ‘Earthlings’ is one of the most horrific things I have ever watched, it is not a gruesome horror film.  Although, it is real life horror for tens of millions of animals, animals that feel pain and fear, that do not deserve to be treated the way they do.  Oh and don’t be fooled by the ‘grass fed’ produce, these animals eventually meet the same barbaric fate as the rest of them.  Earthings is the most shocking thing I have ever watched, whilst I had always avoided watching anything to do with animal slaughter (like most meat eaters do), I felt I needed to know the truth, and so I watched.  I watched through floods of tears, on occasion I even shouted at the screen Noooooooo!  Such was my disbelief in how cruel so called humans can be.  Watching this, whilst haunting, gave me a completely new appreciation and respect for ALL living creatures, creatures that deserve to live free without unnecessary pain and suffering afflicted by us.  One thing that really struck me, is the emotions animals feel, similar to our emotions, love, fear, and maternal instincts.  Whilst this documentary is extremely difficult to watch, I urge you to watch as we should all know the truth, no matter how painful.  If you watch this and don’t change in any way, that is absolutely fine, at least you haven’t buried your head like I did for so long.  I also watched other documentaries after Earthlings on Netflix.com and YouTube.com these include ‘What the Health‘, ‘Cowspiracy‘ on Netflix,  and ‘Dominion‘ on You Tube amongst others.

Things are changing, be part of that change!

Whilst there are more vegan options out there, we are the consumers who can and should dictate what food is produced.  Vegan options are extremely limited in some places, if I have to eat whilst I am out by either picking something up in a shop for a quick lunch or a pub lunch, it is not uncommon for me to only have one or two options.  This is really not good enough, there is strong evidence that points to a plant based diet being one of the healthiest diets, read The China Study so why are we bombarded with unhealthy choices?  It could be resistance to change, profits or both, who knows.

Vegetarian or vegan are two words that seem to offend some people, before I was vegetarian, I would rarely try the vegetarian / vegan option in a restaurant.  I assumed they would taste weird or by ordering them would put me in the ‘weird camp’.  I was wrong, now some of the best food I have eaten are vegan.  I would like to see more people not necessarily turning vegan, unless they are ready to, but open your mind and try some vegan dishes, you may be pleasantly surprised.  The benefits of this, is that they are often more healthy and your choice of one vegan dish, can save unnecessary suffering.  I have read recently one vegan in effect saves the lives of 198 animals per year, most of which are bred to be enslaved for produce and slaughtered.  I have not researched the truth in this because numbers don’t matter, as long as I do my part and no animal suffers or dies because of me.  This illustrates that the little choices we make do matter, your choice matters.

Veganism is a social movement, change is happening right now as we speak, some corporations are responding to demand, there has been a huge increase in plant based milks for example (well they are delicious), and other vegan products, even ‘Greggs’ the bakers (UK) has announced they will be doing vegan sausage rolls.  I feel hope, hope for the future of animals, the environment, people’s health, hope that farmers will change what they farm, as demand grows, supply will meet it.

In my diet and lifestyle change, my soul is feeling purer than it ever has, nothing else has ever felt so right, I seem to be seeing things and people for what they are.  One day, I believe the ‘Kind’ in ‘Mankind’ will be well deserved!