17 Ways to Save Money!

17 simple changes you can make to save money, it all adds up over the year.


These are 17 ways you can save money in order to budget and cut back on your spending, I hope you find them useful:

1.  Beauty Treatments

  • If you pay to get your nails done, learn how to do them yourself.  I used to pay £50 to get Shellac on my Fingers and Toes, I invested in a Shellac Kit, I halved the costs with my sister (so she’s saving money too).  If you can paint your own nails, you can do Shellac, it’s very easy, looks great and lasts for weeks.  It basically paid for itself after one or two treatments.
  • I also used to get my eyebrows waxed and tinted at a cost of £12, I admit I am not brave enough to wax them myself (I just pluck now) and use either an eyebrow dye which lasts a few weeks or Maybelline Brow Tattoo  This is so easy to use, it does only last a few days, unless you really avoid getting your eyebrows wet, but I love the results, the little brush ensures precision as you shape.

2.  Cooking

  • Cook from scratch and batch cook, I will often cook enough to last me at least another day, I can get three meals out of just cooking the same dish once.
  • Limit getting takeaways, good for the waist as well as the pocket
  • Make healthy dog treats, rather than buy ones that are often unhealthy.

3.  Walk Wherever You Can

  • I am lucky, I am able to walk to and from work, although I don’t always walk home, I am building up to this.
  • Again good on your waist and your pocket

4.  Shopping

  • As I order my groceries online, I have reduced this down to two deliveries per month, I stockpile, things I can freeze and just pop the supermarket for fresh items once, at most twice a week, usually on my way home from work as it’s near to where I work.
  • This saves on delivery charges, although I have purchased a delivery pass with Asda, there is a minimum spend of £40 and I don’t always need to spend that much, I will sometimes ask family members if they want anything adding and they just transfer the money to my account.

5.  Stop Buying Water

  • I used to buy bottled water, I invested in a cheap water filter (£8 from Wilko’s) and fill a water flask I love these pretty colours.  You can take this to work to ensure you are drinking your daily recommended amount.
  • Take  your water flask to the gym, or out and about.

6.  Underwear

  • I now only purchase black, white or navy underwear, I used to spend a lot of money on pretty underwear in multiple colours, but you are sometimes limited in what colour underwear you wear, for example you could not wear red underwear under white.  So now I have every colour I need and they go with everything I wear.

7.  Public Transport

  • I gave up my car two years ago (2016), yes there are times when I miss it, when I am going somewhere not on a public transport route, I will get a taxi then, with the money I have saved not having a car, I can afford to take taxis.
  • If I was going for a night out I would always get a taxi to and from my destination, this would cost anywhere between £20-30 per night, I now, whenever I can and weather permitting get the bus or train, at least one way.

8.  Exercise

  • I, like many paid for gym membership but never went, I paid for 18 months without going, I eventually cancelled my gym membership and started to exercise at home.
  • I often use either an exercise DVD or put a You Tube exercise video on and exercise to that.

9.  Make Your Own Cleaning Products

  • I used to buy cleaning products for everything, I have cut right back on this and plan to make my own, apparently you only need white vinegar and baking soda for most household cleaning.
  • You can buy large volumes on Amazon

10.  Buy Second Hand or Use Discount Websites

  • Try to buy as much second hand products as you can, you can buy really cheap clothes, handbags etc. on Ebay, Shpock, or Gumtree
  • Groupon is a great site if you want to buy a cheap trip or a gift such as a Spa Day.

11.  Household Maintenance

  • You can learn to do almost anything online, You Tube is great for learning how to do your own repairs, maintenance or decorating.  You can learn how to fix your own leaking overflow pipe for example.
  • Try to repair something broken, rather than buy a replacement product, super glue is my staple when small items break.  I also nearly purchased a new shredder, until I decided to take it apart, turns out it just had some paper jammed in it, it’s now working fine, I saved myself some money there.

12.  Take Your Lunch to Work

  • If you add up what you spend on work lunches throughout the year, you would be astounded, why not take your lunch to work.
  • I often do this, by overcooking the night before and taking what’s left to work.

13.  Save on Bills

  • Hang clothes out to dry on the washing line, rather than use the dryer.
  • If you like the softness of towels from the dryer, hang them out until they are partially dry and then put them in the dryer for 10-15 minutes.

14.  Stop Using Paper Towels

  • Paper towels are such a waste and are not recyclable, buy some dish cloths that can be washed and re-used, dry surfaces with tea towels.

15.  Grow Your Own

  • If you have a garden, you can easily grow your own vegetables, including potatoes, these are so easy to grow, you can also grow your own lettuce and herbs.
  • Even if your space is small, use pots to grow herbs and small greens.

16.  Save to Save

  • Put a small amount of month away to save for home or car emergency breakdowns or repairs, this will save you reaching for a credit card when your washing machine breaks down for example.

17.  Prescription Pre-payment Certificate (PPC)

In the U.K. if you get more than one prescription per month, you will save money if you purchase a ‘Prescription Pre-payment Certificate’ (PPC).  As at October 2018, the monthly cost of a twelve month PPC is £10.40 per month paid over ten months, see here for further details


The Newbie Blogger!

alphabet arts and crafts blog conceptual
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Well, It’s been a week since my blog went live, I’d just like to thank that one person who visited my site, oh wait I think that was me!  Anyway, regardless of the lack of traffic, I am enjoying writing for this site, I find it cathartic and relaxing, I hope to look back and cringe at what I’ve written one day …… that will mean I have improved.

I must admit, I thought it would be easier to start a blog, I did a lot of research, so much in fact I confused myself, in the end I just got to the point where I thought, ‘just do it’, I can learn as I go along, that’s my strategy.

I have been going to bed with SEOs, CSS, Analytics, Content Strategy, plug-ins, traffic, platforms, site maps to name but a few swirling around in my head.  Sooo much to learn, lucky for me I like learning, so this suits me down to the ground, unlucky for me I am not technically minded, so when I go on a ‘How To’ website, I end up with layers of google pages as I am looking up every other word they use that I don’t understand.  Something tells me I am going to learn a lot, I mean a real Lot, with a capital ‘L’.

Setting up a blog is actually the easy bit, getting people to actually visit your site is another thing, it’s a challenge I am looking forward to.  Apparently there are more than 10 million blogs out there, so competition to get to the top of google is steep, but like I have already mentioned, this is a journey for me with the hope it will be of use to others.

I haven’t actually told anyone I have a blog yet, I have discussed that I plan to have one to very few select people.  I will start to tell people, I guess I have sort of locked myself away for the last few weeks, since losing Sully and tried to keep busy with this blogging project.

I do have a tendency to over-plan everything, I am an avid list writer, brainstormer kind of person and have realised recently, sometimes you just need to take action.  You don’t have to wait for the time to be ‘right’, that time may never come, or to gather every bit of information you need to get the job done, you learn more ‘on the job’ than absorbing massive amounts of information.  So, take the first step no matter how small it is towards what you want, no matter what that is.  Put yourself out there, regrets are one of the saddest things in this life, not realising your potential is even sadder.

Yes, it is daunting, yes, this is taking up a lot of my free time and yes, I feel scared, bordering on excitement.  I want to be a good blogger, with good content that will be useful to someone who was just like me two years ago, not happy with themselves, plodding through life, unsure of how to change things.  I truly hope as this blog develops, it will inspire people to be more, do more and above all else awaken their passions!