Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

This blog is about my self-improvement journey, it is a journey without a defined destination, as self-improvement should continue throughout your life.

A little bit about me!

I am a fifty year old woman, working full-time, single, no children, who has just lost my  dog, named Sully, see Dealing With The Loss Of My Pet.  I am going through a transition at the moment, no I don’t mean the menopause (although I am going through that too), this transition is far more profound. This change in me started February 2017, when I realised I was starting to recover from a difficult few years and becoming curious about mindfulness, self-awareness, self-compassion, spirituality (not the religious kind) and basically opening my mind to all sorts of things.  I wanted to progress as a person, find my own inner happiness and do what I want to do in life, not what society expects of me.

You read most blogs, especially the successful ones and think ‘Wow this person has really got their s…t together’, well let me tell you, this blog is different, I have definitely not got my s..t together, I am starting from ground zero, but I am in the process of changing my whole life with my new-found knowledge and self-belief.

I want to be a better person for myself and as a consequence for others, call it personal growth, personal development, awakening or whatever you will.  Whatever it is, I know that I am changing, how do I know this? Because I am questioning everything and starting to believe in myself.

The biggest obstacle in anyone’s life is self-doubt, I like many have lived with this most of my life.  You may think wow, this woman started this journey in 2017 and she still hasn’t reached her destination, this is true and I don’t believe I every will, but I do want to enjoy the journey more, wherever it takes me.

Being a better person takes effort, progress can be slow, the start of my journey was gathering knowledge, which in turn opened my mind.  We all have our struggles I don’t care who you are, the people who appear to have it all, also have periods when they just don’t feel good enough.

I plan to improve my life including my finances, relationships, career, health, personal growth, organisation, and simplify my life by taking action, and as a world champion procrastinator, this is no easy task!

My priority at the moment is is to change my financial situation.  How am I going to do this? errrm ……, I am not entirely sure yet, I am in the ‘haven’t got a bloody clue’ stage, but I do have a few ideas; blogging, website, online products, ebooks etc.  I don’t expect to make much if any money from blogging but I am taking action, any action is better than sitting hoping for change.

The reason much of my focus will be on my finances is not because I believe money makes you happy.  But a serious lack of money such as being in debt, can have all sorts of negative consequences, for me personally it keeps me in a job that is not aligned to my purpose, it creates constant financial worry, stress, lack of adventure (I have not had a holiday since 2015).  Worst of all, I believe I may of lost my dog because I based a critical decision on taking him the vet earlier because of a lack of money, whilst this probably would not have saved him (he was misdiagnosed a few days earlier), I will never know.

The one thing I want to get out of blogging (hopefully) is inspiration that works both ways from me to you and from you to me.  I am not an expert in anything, I am learning and growing  every day, I hope to develop my blog as I go along.  Forgive me if this site is lacking content, I plan to post one blog a week, whilst developing the site with articles, I am new to this so I am sure I will make mistakes, as we humans do.

Life is a journey, sometimes with beautiful clear scenic views, and other times with dark dismal views.  I hope this blog will help me and help you too, in fact my expectation is that we will help each other.  This is my journey and I hope you will join me, nice to meet you and welcome aboard!

Best Wishes



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